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Launch of Govinda’s Oil Free Menu

Hello Foodies 🙂

Recently I was invited to try out Govinda’s new Oil Free Menu. You can just about imagine my curiosity as I pondered over the fact – Can good Indian food really be oil free? Considering the food at Govinda’s is already onion and garlic free (SATVIK FOOD), this added feature was definitely a plus when it came to light but tasty Indian food.

Why onion and garlic free you ask? Well, a LOT of Indians who serve food to their Hindu God (especially those who believe and pray to Lord Krishna) do not serve food with Onion and Garlic. To know why they don’t, you can read in depth here. Hence, a lot of customers are avid loyals to Govinda’s food (my parents included). Even if you see their logo, they have the pot of Makhan (pure white butter) and the flute which Lord Krishna is so famously known for.


We were invited to the branch in Jumeira which has beautiful wall paintings of Radha-Krishna. You will see blue lights below each table which relate to the blue skin color of Lord Krishna. I was absolutely blown away by the below painting. It truly gives you the feel of dining in the presence of God.


We were served a tiny shot glass of Mango Lassi as our welcome drink which was absolutely delicious! The season of Mango brings about the best there is to offer in the form of drinks.

This was one of the most refreshing drinks I have had recently. After we relished this, the Vegetable Kababs were served which were light and made for good appetizers.


Straight after came our Oil Free main course which consisted of 2 gravies and a Daal (lentil curry) with an assortment of Naans (Indian breads).


My favorite of the lot was the Angoori Paneer which was a mix of grapes and cottage cheese in a non spicy tomato gravy. This was light and flavorful and unlike most Indian dishes served everywhere, you really couldn’t see any oil. I was super impressed!


The mixed vegetable gravy and Daal were good too and quite healthy for those on a nutritious streak.


The breads consisted of some butter naan as well for those (like me) who can’t do without a touch of some greasy Indian-ness in their food.


To end our main course was the surprise Quinoa Biryani which was AH-MAZING! It was served with raita (An Indian side dish of yogurt containing chopped cucumber or other vegetables) and tasted marvelous! Quinoa can some times be a bit bitter but this was cooked to perfection, was soft and bursting with flavors! One of the best dishes I have had in quite some time.


See the video of how we broke into this on my Instagram @thevegetariansoul 🙂

But no meal is complete without dessert and what’s better than an Egg Free Nutella Lava Cake which actually tasted super!!! It was so good that we went back a few days later to have it again *heart eyes*


When broken into, this cake was perfection (considering it was Egg Free) and had Nutella inside which made it even better!

To make things better, we were given egg free Tiramisu and Red Velvet as Thank You gifts in cute jars.


My experience was light for the heart and delicious for my Vegetarian Soul.

For details on their menu and timings, log on to Zomato.

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