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Mayrig – Mother of Armenian Cuisine

Mayrig, also known for MOTHER is an Armenian Restaurant in Downtown Dubai serving food deliciously true to it’s roots. I was recently invited to an exclusive cooking and dining session with the owner Ms Aline who aims to showcase her culture and traditional recipes into modernistic Armenian cuisine for fast paced UAE.


Before this, I have never even heard of Armenian food to have veg options. Yes of course you can expect salads and a couple of side dishes, but with so much variety, I was stuffed with all that was brought for us to try.

We were greeted and made to sit on a really long table along with almost 15 other foodies. After a small introduction on what Mayrig strives to achieve and how the food reflects a lot of it’s culture. We were given a menu card exclusive to the tasting and recipe cards and started off with the live cooking session with the owner herself.


While ushered into the kitchen, we were made to wear hairnets for hygiene reasons and were shown around the spick and span kitchen premises. We headed down to the salad making section and started of with the Zeitoun Salad (Olive Salad) which was really easy to prepare. Find recipe below:


After this we moved on to making the Vospov Kefteh (Lentil Kebbe) which was a preparation of boiled lentils following the below recipe and even though they were not fried or baked, they were surprisingly delicious!!! And oh so healthy!

Happy to have learnt 2 new dishes, I went out to sit with my new found foodie friends and waited to savour what was made. To my surprise, a lot more food was brought in and the variety of vegetarian dishes was mind boggling! Below is what we had:

Zeitoun Salad – a mix of olives, pepper paste, tomatoes, onions and parsley, this made even a person like me who doesn’t like olives, end up liking them in this preparation.

Armenian Tabbouleh – A beautiful paste of orange Tabbouleh this was fresh and went so well with everything we ate!

Hommos – I am picky about my hommos but i can gladly say this one passed the test! Creamy and delish it was perfect with the Khubs that it came along with.

Mayrig Selection of Kibbeh – Consisted of potato and lentil kebbe along with a meat one. I devoured both the lentil and potato kebbe but as much as I love Potato, i somehow preferred the Lentil one this time 🙂


*This photo has been borrowed from the Instagram of my foodie friend @tableforfivedubai

Gdzou Patates – Spicy fried potatoes! My favourite and believe it or not, I ended up having the full portion (YES, they were that good).

Sou Beureg – As much as the food at Mayrig is healthy, this one dish is there to break the health streak you are on. Layered pastry with three cheese, this was one dish which was the highlight due to the generous amount of cheese in it 🙂

Spinach Mante – Mante is supposed to be a highlight of Armenian cuisine and it’s usually all meat. Ms Aline however got a special one made for me which was stuffed with Spinach. This dish consists of Spinach dumplings and was made in front of us by adding yoghurt on top along with some spices. This dish would have been yummier if it was a bit spicy.

For Dessert we were spoiled with a lot of variety and each dish served was better than the other:

Banirov Maamoul – Cheese stuffed maamoul topped with sugar syrup was the highlight of my night! Just look at it below to understand what I am talking about *heart eyes*


Sare Bourma – Armenian style baklava was as good as any other baklava and styled cutely in the shape of a heart.

Rose Lookoum, Megle and Halwa ice cream all of which were unique.

The BEST of the lot – Moussa Ler – Ashta ice cream sprinkled with Lebanese Cotton Candy and Pistachios. OMG OMG that cotton candy was just too good with the ice cream. A dessert you must not miss out on.


After all this food, we had space for no more. As parting gifts, we were given a small bag of Armenian biscuits which were almost like small bites of fluffy cookies. Everyone in my family devoured them.

I definitely have added Mayrig and Armenian cuisine in my list of restaurants to go to for healthy, lighter and tasty food.

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