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Is the Raindrop Cake really in Dubai?

Have you guys been seeing the latest craze about the Raindrop Cake created by Darren Wong in Brooklyn, NY? If not, see the below taken from


Doesn’t it look beautiful? Being a cake maker myself, I love to come across desserts that break the norms of the traditional dessert world and this dessert is no different! Made with agar agar (a vegetarian form of gelatin) and mineral water, this dessert may be popular in Japan but was never seen in the United States. It looks like a drop of fresh rain and one might keep staring at it all day taking in the simplistic beauty of it.

So you can just about imagine how excited I was when my blogger friend Naomi Dsouza invited me to go along with her to taste this creation which was now available in DUBAI at our very own friendly eatery The Sum of Us 🙂 I couldn’t wait to see what Chef Trotskie had come up with! And my friends, the wait was worth it! Don’t believe me? See for yourself below!


How beautiful is THAT! Can’t stop staring at it right? Neither could I! Named the Desert Rain, this gorgeous creation has a bit of Dubai and Japan to pay abode to the countries to where Chef Trotskie created it and where it’s originally from.

Made of Rose, with crushed Pistachios on the side, swimming in some Sugar Syrup and topper with Arabic Candy Floss, this dessert has ZERO calories (without the cotton candy and sugar syrup of course).

It tastes somewhat like JELLO and can be gobbled down guilt free just like my friend Naomi and I did 🙂

It’s only available till 5th May at The Sum Of Us which is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and costs only AED 35. Don’t miss out friends and if you do manage to go, let me know how you liked it 🙂

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