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Invite from The Media Lounge and Yalla Eat

Hello Foodies πŸ˜ƒ

I had the opportunity to dine at one of the featured outlets of Yalla Eat, The Media Lounge in Dubai Media City and I must say I simply loved the food.

It was like comfort food and is a gem for people who work around the area because everything that we ordered was really good, delicious food, exactly what you need after a long day at work or even to order in during lunch. It even has an outdoor area which is quite relaxing.

We started off with the Lemon Mint and Watermelon Juice. I loved the Lemon mint! It was refreshing and exactly what I needed to cool down 🍹.

While we sipped on this deliciousness, our BAKED jalapeΓ±o poppers had arrived. They were not extra crispy as were baked and not fried and somehow they were still so tasty when dipped in the ranch sauce served with them.

After this came our delicious cheesy garlic bread. This is best when eaten hot!

We then called for some Lebanese food which included Beiruti Hummus (which was hummus with parsley) and Spicy potato with some khubs.

The hummus was a delight!

The spicy potato was a wee bit undercooked but when informed the server they took it super positively and promised to work on it.

We then moved on to covering the Italian selection which included Penne in Pink Sauce, Gnocchi in truffle sauce and half and half pizza consisting of Margherita and Quattro Formaggi. All these dishes were excellent especially both the pasta and gnocchi πŸπŸ˜‹πŸ˜

Doesn’t it look delicious 😍

It also has a big TV inside which plays sports and sheesha too! Oh and the amazing Happy Hour deals and it’s very own app πŸ˜ƒ

The best I liked was the reception desk. Made like the entrance to a Media office with rolls of newspapers adorning the wall. Quite funky!

And the amazing end to our meal was this Chocolate Lava Cake πŸ˜‹

OMG look at ALL that oozing chocolate 😍😍

Good comfort food at affordable prices! TML will soon be delivering to your doorstep through Yalla Eat πŸ˜ƒ For all those looking for fuss free food, this is the place for you!

I am also super excited to announce that UAE’s newest online ordering portal Yalla Eat will be launching soon and will have some amazing restaurants partnering with them.

A little brief on what this is all about 😍

– Yalla Eat is an innovative online food ordering platform available on all devices that aims to become available in the whole of UAE.

– For now they will be exclusively launching in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and will be looking to set themselves apart from other portals in various ways.

– One such element of the portal is providing consumers access to viewing where their order is once they place their order through the “track my order” service. They will be working to ensure you don’t have to dial that number and check on the order again 😍 How efficient is that!

And to add in their own words, “We’re also looking to be part of the community, working towards turning the consumers who hesitate to order online into official Yalla Eaters. We’re hoping to not only provide services up to standards but also, new experiences to devoted Yalla Eaters! πŸ˜ƒ”

For details on how to get to The Media Lounge hopΒ on to Zomato

The Media Lounge - TML Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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