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Tresind Summer Menu – Worth the Hype?

As my husband says, “If you don’t like the food at Tresind, you should really not be eating at all” 🙂

Hello Foodies 🙂

Tresind’s food is WORTH every hype it can get! No matter what these guys artistically create in their kitchen, they do justice to every tiny morsel that goes into each of their dishes. Tresind brought molecular gastronomy in the wildest sense to Dubai and has been the best in it’s genre ever since.

Très (French) – adj. very. e.g.  très bien: ‘very’ good
Ind – Abbreviation for India; a country rich in heritage, cuisine and culture

tresind logo

Since Tresind has opened, we have been to it about 10 – 12 times and each time we have loved the food, the service and the experience. When you leave Tresind, your soul is happy! Your pockets might be crying but those tears are worth every penny spent here. If given a bed there, my husband would live in Tresind and happily eat whatever they provide him even if it were simple Daal Chaawal 🙂 Chef Himanshu, soon wives will be breaking down your doors looking for their better halves 🙂 Here he is, speaking on the very famous show Weekend Out 🙂

FullSizeRender (28).jpg

So by now it’s established just about how much we love this place! Hence there was no way I was taking anybody other than my husband when I was invited to try their Summer Menu 🙂

We were welcomed with a natural whiff of sandalwood called ‘Magical Mist’ to elate our senses and prepare us for what was coming. I have never seen something like this before in a restaurant!

Then came their Zaatar Pav – 4 tiny Indian bun shaped breads served Hummus and Olive pickle, this is good enough to get you to look forward to what’s coming next!

FullSizeRender (32).jpg

Quite excited to indulge by now, we started off with the Amuse Bouche, prepared live in front of us consisting of a Pani Puri shot which is like a bubble that bursts in your mouth with an explosion of flavours. This was how it was made 😍

And now over to what we devoured.


Modernist Chaat Trolley that Tresind is so famously known for. Every time I see the whole process being done in front of me I am fascinated like I have seen it for the first time! Splashing colorful chutneys, dipping dhokla into liquid nitrogen, adding  spinach fritters and topping it off with crispy gram flour a snack is a treat to the eyes 😍


Wild Mushroom Chai, a concoction of dehydrated mushrooms with truffle milk powder, this drink can turn a non like mushroom lover like me to become a loyalist.


Botanical Garden Salad – If a Salad like this were served to me everyday, I would stock up on my greens without any complaints 🙂 Presented in a plant pot, it had a base of Bombay Khurchan Cream and leaves of lettuce and baby carrots were placed in and mixed with kachumbar salad topped with olive dust to make it look like mud.

FullSizeRender (23)

The best part? It had a crispy puri at the base which you wouldn’t see coming! Superbly unique 🙂IMG_4386

Potato Sphere Dahi Kebab, with Cucumber and Smoked Muhammara – One of my favourite appetizers! I love potatoes and yoghurt so imagine my excitement when the two come together to form a kebab! A sphere of dahi (yoghurt) kebab coated with fried potato strands on the outside, topped with cucumber and smoked hot pepper dip, this magical sphere is deliciousness galore!


Paneer Cafreal – This new addition is a MUST! Fried pieces of soft luscious Paneer coated in a green sauce 🙂 I wanted to have just a bite, but it was so yummy that i ended up greedily gobbling the whole thing. Loved how it was served in an earthen pot.


Vada Pav Pan Pizza – Pizza at it’s best! Loaded with typical vada pav potato mash on a pizza base, this definitely made for a unqiue appetizer. It also had peanuts which i generally don’t like, but with all the spices involved, the peanuts added a welcoming crunch.

FullSizeRender (24)

Tandoori Portobello Steak, Molcajete Chimichurri Chutney, Rosemary Perfume – I am not a fan of mushroom but this dish won me over! For every vegetarian who has ever wished they would have a veg steak, this is it! Brought out in a live station, the steak was ready while the Chimichurri Chutney was made live in front of us. Almost like how you make guacamole, this chutney was spicy and tangy and went super well with the mushroom steak.

FullSizeRender (26).jpg

Khandvi Sorbet – Before the Main Course, we were served their famous Khandvi Sorbet to change our palette. Khandvi is a savory snack in Gujarati cuisine. It consists of yellowish, tightly rolled bite-sized pieces, and is primarily made of gram flour and curd and is extremely delicious. So to be served that in the form of a tangy cold sorbet is unimaginable!

FullSizeRender (25)


Moroccan Chickpea Tajine aka ‘Channa Bhatura’ – Traditional chickpeas with Indian spices were served Moroccan Style. Everywhere i have had chole till date, I have felt they are either too dry or too runny and the gravy is either bland or consists of too many onions. This, however, was PERFECTION! Spicy, with the consistency of the gravy not too thick or thin and the chickpeas boiled and cooked just right. Served with light fluffy puri’s, this main was something i will come back to every time I go to Tresind.
*Unfortunately I lost the pic of this so will be updating it soon after my next visit in June*


I have tried various desserts at Tresind including the very innovative Gutter Sundae. On this occasion we were served the below.
Mango Phirni Popsicle – Every Mango lover’s dream! With a filling of fluffy Mango cream, this popsicle was coated with White chocolate on the outside with bits of mango and a mango flavoured type of Rasgulla. It was amazing!
FullSizeRender (29)
Daulat Ki Chaat – One of the best desserts I have ever had, this consists of light, fluffy cream, sprinkled with 24 karat edible gold dust, some rose petals and crumble of the tastiest Soan Papdi (a popular North Indian dessert, the texture of which is crisp and flaky, melting in the mouth like candy floss).

FullSizeRender (27)


Very innovatively presented, each drink served is a refreshing burst of flavor and drops of heaven in your mouth!

The Birdhouse – Just look at how my Berry Blast drink was presented! I could not take my eyes off it! And thankfully it tasted as good as it looked. Not too sweet and had the perfect tanginess from the Berries.

FullSizeRender (30).jpg

Passion Fruit Lava Lamp – A showstopper on it’s own, this drink made live in front of you consists of a lot of passionfruit, blueberries and cranberries. It’s amazing how each drink is presented in a manner which makes you love the taste even more 🙂

FullSizeRender (31).jpg

By now, we were way too full but awaited excitedly for what what to come next to end our fabulous preview. Their super cute ‘Flower Bus’ served with Paan flavored Candy Floss! The best absolute mouth freshner you could dream of.

FullSizeRender (33)

If you want flair or some excitement in your meals, Tresind is the place to go to! Every guest we have taken here or every special occasion that has been celebrated here has been memorable and special. The service is remarkable and the food is the best I have ever had. Their vegetarian options are vast and if you live in UAE or are visiting, you cannot leave without visiting Tresind. With a rating of 4.9 on Zomato, all the above is good enough reason why they have been awarded so many awards.


Here are a few Offers at Tresind
– 4 course Lunch Set Menu starting AED 145++ on weekdays, 12-3:30pm
– Ladies Night, every Wednesday, 8-11 pm, at Tresind Lounge. 3 free drinks and 15% discount on bar snacks for all ladies
– Happy Hours 6:30-8pm, every day at Tresind Lounge
– 6 course, Ladies who Lunch menu, at 120++ for large groups of ladies, from Sunday-Wednesday.
– 9 course, signature Chef’s Tasting Menu- 350++ (veg), 365++ non veg, for lunch and dinner, everyday
– For reservations, call 043080440 and 0564209754
And if you do go visit (which you MUST) please do let me know your thoughts 🙂

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