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BarSalata proves Healthy Food can be Delicious

Hello Healthy and Junk food lovers πŸ˜ƒ

Doesn’t matter which category you belong to, a visit to BarSalata will change the way you look at food.

BarSalata means a Salad Bar but this place is much more than just that.

Their new and revamped menu has innovative variety that I haven’t seen in Dubai and each dish is SO delicious that you look at it and think, “Really?!?!? If healthy food can be this delicious, why in heaven’s name have I been torturing myself with so called not at all tasty healthy food all along!”

I became a big fan from the minute I entered. The interiors have an earthy feel with high end windows so the sunlight comes in beautifully and gives you an energized feel.

I loved the bottles lined up and the open salad bar concept. The latter shows you how your salads are made with all their fresh ingredients. It was a treat to sore eyes.

Now on to the food I will be devour even on my cheat days.

Mocha Latte Quinoa (AED 34) – Coffee steeped quinoa topped with vanilla infused yoghurt, berries, cocoa nibs, coconut flakes and dark chocolate. This is the answer to a healthy caffeine kick. I loved the thought process gone into the innovativeness of the dish. However I am not a dark chocolate person so I would add honey to this for a bit of sweetness. It tasted amazing and I would have quinoa with chocolate any day!

Baked Organic Eggs (AED 39) – Halloumi, baked sweet potato, spinach, mushroom, zaatar, onion. This entire mixture gives baked egg a new meaning. They have a variety of baked eggs. The Halloumi and zaatar added a middle eastern touch to the whole dish. Served with Toasted bread.

Freekeh Salad (AED 27 for a half portion and AED 38 for a full portion) – Grains, Greens and Pomegranates – This salad was packed with protein and had enough dose for your daily intake of greens. The pomegranate added that sweet punch which made it perfect and delicious.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (AED 36) – The BEST grilled cheese I have ever had 😍 Aged English cheddar, mozzarella, mascarpone, fresh herbs and roasted garlic served with a date-mustard dip which is so good in combination with the sandwich that I get major cravings everyday for this dish as a whole!

Falafel Muffins (AED 20) – OK seriously! Have you ever thought of falafels being served as Muffins and that too in a healthy form 😱 Made with chickpeaΒ flour, these were so soft, almost like a cake and were actually made with falafels. They were too good with the tahiniΒ dip served along with it.

Grilled Vegetable and Hummus Sandwich (AED 30) – Charcoal grilled Zucchini, eggplant and mixed capsicum with hummus. Usually I find grilled vegetable sandwiches a bit to the bitter side and hence don’t end up enjoying them. This one however was perfection and bursting with flavours.

Bloggers Breakfast Salad (approx AED 32 for the half portion and AED 46 for the full portion) – This was a fun one as all bloggers came together to build a salad.

There were a lot of inputs and we came up with this beautiful looking dish 😍

It tasted as amazing as it looks. Pasta, Greens, nuts, cheese, fruits – it had everything a perfect salad needs πŸ˜ƒ

And now came the best part – The Desserts 😍

Flourless Chocolate Brownie (AED 25) – Rich, moist, decadent, this Brownie was what healthy dreams are made of!

It tasted sooooooooooo good inspite of being Flourless and the berry compote added a tangy lush to the flavour.

We were given tiny samplers as we couldn’t eat more after all that food but the above is the actual portion size.

Zucchini Cake (AED 24) – Have you ever heard of Zucchini being in cake?!?! If I wouldn’t have tasted this I would have cringed at the thought. This was the fluffiest cake I had ever had and is perfect for tea time.

The best part? You couldn’t even tell there was Zucchini inside 😍

For drinks I had a Cappuccino (AED 22) then some Rose White Tea (AED 22).

And we were also given to try Sparkling Sumac and Coconut Chai Lemonade (AED 20 each) both of which I absolutely loved as they were so unique. The latter was made with masala chai, sugar syrup, coconut milk and lemon juice. I mean who would even think of mixing such ingredients and end up making them taste so good.

In the fresh juices (each for AED 24), The Green Glow (green apple, cucumber, Β Spinach, celery, radish, broccoli, fresh mint juice) and Orange Glory (orange and carrot juice with fresh ginger juice) were too healthy for me πŸ˜…

In a snapshot, my spread below was to die for 😍

I urge you all to go try this place. The food will surely exceed your expectations and your soul will surely thank you for the happy feeling it gets after all this food 😊

BarSalata is located in Downtown Dubai. They also deliver and can be reached on 04 4561175.

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