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Farzi Cafe – Can a Vegetarian be FARZIFIED?

Farzi Cafe, Dubai’s newest Modern Bistro, is all about showing off what it’s best at and fortunately for us Vegetarians, it does justice to it by doing it at a price which is worth it! My invite to Farzi was an exciting affair and seeing how many vegetarian options they serve, I became a fan before even indulging.

Launched by Zorawar Kalra who is considered as the ‘Prince of Indian Cuisine’, Farzi opened it’s doors to lavish Dubaites in the posh locality of City Walk 2. His father, Jiggs Kalra ‘The Czar of Indian Cuisine’ who founded the likes of Masala Library in India believes ‘We serve memories, not just food’. Hence at Farzi, you are definitely bound to come across a truly memorable experience.


I loved the modernist cafe look which will never give away that it’s all Indian. The way Indian food has evolved with time is truly commendable and to live up to that food, the interiors of the restaurant have to be top notch.


Like everyone, it started with the Amuse Bouche of yogurt and berry compote served in a smoky mist which captivates your senses and is kinda hallucinating 🙂 You definitely will stare at it till the mist is about to fade and you are back to earth wherein you realize you are supposed to gulp that down. It’s the best start to a meal 🙂


Ananas Orbit – Served in a genie like glass almost as if stolen from Aladdin, this drink consisting of pineapple, coconut and and pina colada caviars is unique and a MUST at Farzi! The caviars burst in your mouth creating a magical sensation.


Irish Haze – Almost like Baileys Irish Coffee but without the alcohol, this drink was presented by pouring water over chunks in a bowl dipped in liquid nitrogen. Once the mist started flowing, the drink was placed above the bowl. The taste was good, a bit too string for my taste buds but for those who love coffee, this is a definite!




Daal Chawal Arancini – You may not prefer your daal chawal at home, but this is one dish you will devour! A mash of rice, lentils, chutney made into a croquette topped with a tiny rolled papad. Daal Chawal has never tasted this good!


Raj Kachori with Okra Salad and Chutney foam – All lovers of Chaat, this is Raj Kachori served lavishly! The crispy okra complemented the dish well and the chutney foam was something else only!


Hummus Sampler – Almost 8 – 10 small bowls of different styles and flavors of hummus were served with various varieties of poppadums and this was insane! The bowls are served in a stand which represent the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the poppadums come in something shaped like Burj Al Arab. Quite innovative and delicious!


Tandoori Wild Mushrooms – I don’t generally like mushrooms but this can make anyone a convert. It had tandoori wild mushrooms with walnuts, garlic and truffle haze making it taste more than amazing!


Aubergine Moussaka – Crispy fried aubergine served with a peanut sauce made it hard to like it as i don’t like peanuts. Sorry but this one is a miss for me.


Burmese Khao Suey – Flavourful burmese vegetable stew served with light fluffly rice. A WIN! I have never previously ever enjoyed Khow Suey as much as i have over here. It was light on the stomach and the coconut milk was just the right amount in it.


Veg Sliders – Served in a truck with a side of potato wedges and the softest bun i have ever eaten, these were spectacular.



Ras Malai Tres Leche – Every Dessert Lovers dream! Soft layers of Ras Malai sandwiched with gajar ka halwa and drenched in condensed milk with garnishing of rose petals and topped with a rose petal caramel net *heart eyes* So So yummy!


Phirni Oxide – Made live in front of you using liquid nitrogen, this dessert consists of Phirni, mawa crumble, frozen sugar, rose petals and saffron milk. Spectacular to watch but i preferred the ras malai.


Gajar Ka Halwa – A sphere of magical delicious served amongst saffron milk foam and dry fruits, this was unlike any I have ever had before! Like a bindi on the forehead that enhances the beauty of an Indian woman, this traditional Indian dessert was that last touch of finesse to our exotic meal.


We were of course not given the bill as it was an invite, but when you do dine in there, even the bill is served to you in an exotic way which makes your dining experience worth it 🙂


Unfortunately the only issue I had was that the tables are too small for the exorbitant dishes to be kept on and each dish is bought too quickly one after the other and too fast almost making some of the food cold. We didn’t have enough time between each dish.

And since they don’t have the menu online, here are all the quirky quotes that are in there 🙂

Rest assured, with the number of vegetarian options they have, be ready to be FARZIFIED!


For more details on Farzi, look them up on Zomato and to view the pictures from this post, hop on over to my Facebook Page.


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