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Go Gluten Free at Gourmet by Kcal

A brand new all gluten free eatery opened doors in May 2016 at the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi perfect for those living in the Marina vicinity. For all those who don’t know, Kcal is a one stop delivery service for getting calorie controlled meals sent to your doorstep. And now they have gone one step ahead and opened Gourmet by Kcal, the menu of which has been curated by the chefs of Kcal, and is a game changer, as everything here is absolutely GLUTEN FREE! They don’t have anything gluten at all.


This place is perfect for a lot of people, like me, who bloat super easily because of the consumption of gluten. However it’s hard to let go as some form of gluten is almost in everything! So you can just about understand my excitement when I got invited to try their menu by @DoinDubai 🙂

Boasting of an all organic range wherein most of their fruits and veggies produce is purchased from Ripe Market, they also have a separate bar area which include some organic wines.


The interiors are stunning with all the upholstery made of used coffee bean bags which didn’t hurt at all when you sit on it 🙂 They have an olive tree bang in the middle of the room which gives it a raw earthen feel 🙂 It looks out to lush garden of the Le Meridien and the ocean beyond the greenery which is a treat to sore eyes.


We started off with some Apricot juice shots and moved on to the food as we were all pretty hungry *always hungry now aren’t we :p*


Veggie Summer Rolls (AED 48) – Shredded vegetables, rice noodles, spring onions, fresh mint, basil rolled in rice paper made for a very healthy start. Unlike your regular spring rolls which are deep fried, these raw paper rolls are good to fill you up with the sweet chilli sauce they are served with.


Roast Balsamic Onion and Carrot Cups (AED 52) – This was one of my favourite dishes. Cups made of carrot and parmesan, stuffed with roast balsamic onion, fresh thyme and sauteed spinach.


Black Rice Biryani without the Chicken (made on request) – This may not be your traditional tasting biryani but it is a version a lot more healthier for your body and soul. Black and Brown rice infused with mild indian spices and topped with cashews, raisins and sauteed onions.


Veggie Lasagna (AED 64) – So used to the traditional lasagne pasta sheets, this dish will come as a welcome surprise made of a lentil and mushroom mince, layered between parmesan, eggplant and zucchini noodles 🙂


Chili Con Carne (AED 62) – Another favorite from the night, the bold flavours of the slow cooked mexican beans, capsicum, zucchini, sweet potato, quinoa, served with sour cream and toasted flat breads was wholesome and filling.


Vegetable Pizza – With a carrot base, topped with fresh greens, mushrooms and tomatoes, this isn’t your ordinary pizza. Super healthy and so light, you can enjoy the whole dish without feeling any guilt!


Quinoa with Black Beans – Not everyone can make quinoa right but just a dish of this deliciousness will complete your protein intake for the day.


Dark Chocolate Almond Tart – This was my favorite dessert topped with fresh Raspberries and a delicious caramel filling on the inside. I couldn’t digest it was raw and gluten free as it tasted like heaven!


Coconut Caramel Cheesecake – My 2nd favorite with a blend of unique flavors that will surprise you at first but as your palette gets used to, it will win you over!


Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse – As stunning as this looks, this was our least favorite 😦 There was a certain sourness to it and didn’t go down well.


Fruit Salad in syrup – Mixed summery fruits in a pineapple like syrup made for a refreshing dessert.


Peppermint Tea – Perfect blend with the dessert and to down all that healthy food!


This blogger meetup was organized by DoinDubai and I had the pleasure of dining with some really talented bloggers Dine Out Dubai, What Nossy Ate, Dubai Food Diaries, Baggage and Dish, Megs Blogged, The Tezzy Files.

For more information on Gourmet by Kcal, check them out on Zomato.

Gourmet by Kcal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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