Fine Dining · Iftars 2016 · Indian · Ramadan 2016 · Restaurant Reviews

Have your Iftar in style at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor 

With so many Iftar options around town, what Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor does, is give you the opportunity to break your fast in Style!

With a beautiful Setup indoors and outdoors, renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor has managed to capture the essence of Ramadan by giving it some flair!

Priced at AED 149 per person, the vegetarian options are in abundance and can be opted for to give yourself a lighter feeling.

A platter of Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tabbouleh with some olives were ready for us on the table to start with.

These Pani Puri shots not only made for something pretty to look at, they also tasted delicious.

Amuse Bouche in the form of Mango Spheres were so good that we requested for a 2nd round 😍 They burst in your mouth like little bubbles of happiness 🤗

Nuts to munch on.

A platter with baklava, fruits and delish chocolate dipped strawberries with dates to break your fast with.

The veg appetizer platter – the tandoori corn was the best 😍

How amazing is this raita 💚

Pickle and Chutney samplers 😍

Daal Makhani – one of the best I have had 👌

Aloo Gobi – quite good consisting of pickled potatoes 👍

The Dessert Sampler in which Rabree was the best!

The sheesha menu with some unique flavours! I heard the Pina Colada was really good 👌

To see another one of their crazy sheesha’s that changes color, check the video out on my Instagram @thevegetariansoul 😍

We were given this little box of goodness to takeaway 😍

Break your Iftar with some style at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor in Melia Hotel, Mankhool.

Priced at AED 149 per person and available from sunset till midnight.

For reservations contact on 043868111


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