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Jones The Grocer – Vegan Gourmet Food for Everyday Living

If you truly want to experience Gourmet food for a wholesome living everyday, it can’t get any better than Jones the Grocer. This Australian food emporium has won over many hearts since it opened and recently I was a lucky gal to experience their top notch vegan dishes.


Off I went to sample their Vegetarian Menu and was surprised to see the options they had! It was enough to feed an army of hungry men and to top it off, it was great food with a full gourmet experience.


I remember when Jones had first opened, it was one of the first concepts to provide food using the most natural ingredients possible produced by specialist, artisan suppliers and showcase these through the innovative in store cafe menu which can be enjoyed in the casual atmosphere of their contemporary designed cafes.

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I was greeted extremely warmly by the manager and she waited patiently while i chose my table. Once my mind was decided, she got me an orange juice on request which was the freshest I have ever had and then brought out my food which was n abundance. I never knew they had such a variety of vegetarian options and even if you have a dish everyday, you would have something new to eat atleast up till a week 🙂

Pumpkin & Ginger Soup with Lemongrass, Coconut Milk, Ginger & Coriander (31 AED) – The perfect consistency and flavours to touch your heart, this soup was true to it’s nature and would brighten up your day!


Marinated Beetroot, Goat’s Cheese and Truffle Salad with Quinoa, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Mixed Mesculin Leaves and White Balsamic Dressing (49 AED) – This salad is your answer to your proteins and vitamins for the day. The touch of truffle makes it above par than your usual salad and the goat’s cheese adds to its deliciousness.


Zaatar Grilled Zucchini & Eggplant Wholemeal Wrap with Tabbouleh, Spiced Tomato Jam, Pomegranate and Cucumber Yoghurt (36 AED) – One of the best wraps I have ever had! I mean, look at those ingredients! It was light but filling at the same time and made for a hearty healthy lunch option.


Roast Pumpkin & Feta Salad with Yuzu Marinated Pumpkin, Sundried Tomatoes and Rocket (49 AED) – I have only ever liked the pumpkin that my mother cooks so i was a little reluctant to try this at first. But the perfectly marinated soft pumpkin won me over and went really well with the feta. This salad was a #win for me!

Zucchini and Five Cheese Lasagne with a medley of 5 cheeses served with Cherry Vine Tomato, Basil Oil and Herb Salad (56 AED) – If lasagne is this good, please give me some everyday! The cheeses were light and the basil oil was apt to add to the flavours of the dish. The zucchini was perfectly blended in and did not overpower the lasagne sheets or the cheese.


Truffle and Mushroom Risotto simmered in house made Mushroom Stock with Chopped Tarragon (59 AED) – One of the best Risottos I have ever had! It was cooked beautifully and you could actually taste all the flavours. The best part? The truffle wasn’t overpowering at all!


Sweet Potato Fries – Side Dish – (21 AED) – Really, really good. Crisp and served with the perfect dip, these could have been my meal in itself 🙂



Mixed Leaf Salad – Side Dish – (19 AED) – Your greens for the day come in this power packed bowl and are really top notch high quality ingredients.


Seasonal Fruit Salad with Low Fat Yoghurt and Passion Fruit Dressing (34 AED)  If you think, i can make fruit salad at home, why should i order it here, think again! This dish ended our meal perfectly and that yogurt on top was to die for! The fruits were so high in quality that I would despise the fruit salad if I ever made one at home again 🙂

All the above listed dishes are available during Ramadan and make for the perfect Iftar too. Each dish is huge and can easily be shared by 2 if you are in the mood to call for a variety. Other than this, you can enjoy some sandwiches, breads and luscious desserts from their ready selections.

They also have a dedicated Cheese Room which is a haven for those who really know and love their cheeses 🙂

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And with a dedicated Coffee Bar and a cafe selling various artisan products and ingredients, Jones really is the grocer satisfying all your needs.

Oh and don’t forget to grab their crazy varieties of drinks, chocolate gift cards and sorbets *heart eyes*

Go here and feed your soul some Australian goodness in their spacious setting. It will be good on ya mate!


Jones the Grocer is based in Al Manara and can be contacted on 04 3466886, 04 3466882

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