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Ramadan Sharing Fridges – Feeding UAE’s Heart and Soul

The people of UAE love to eat and many are distraught when there are leftovers and they don’t know what to do with it! So many people do charitable work during Ramadan and a group of ladies came up with an idea of keeping fridges outside their homes so instead of going around looking for charities, construction workers in their areas can come and take that food without any embarrassment. And this gave birth to the concept of Ramadan Sharing Fridges.

sharing fridges

About 90 fridges have been set up all over the UAE in different locations by residents. The fridges can be stocked with food, water, juices, fruits and anything edible so that those who are needy can just pick up the food for free. Muslims and Non-Muslims have equally come together to contribute towards this cause and the people of UAE have never been more closer.


This sharing initiative during this Ramadan has been one of the biggest seen through the power of social media and NOT a paid campaign. It’s being covered by News Channels too!

I have been donating to different fridges everyday and just went and stocked the fridge in Al Quoz for Suhoor.

al quoz.jpg

Residents are cooking food to stock before Iftar and Suhoor so that the blue collared workers can enjoy this for free and save money to send back home. This initiative has made the people of Dubai see workers in a way they never have been before and it’s extremely heart warming.


So many companies have come forward to contribute as well.

  • Costa Coffee


  • Sugaholic Bakeshop


  • Fruit4Life


And even celebrities like Kris Fade for Koita

kris fade

How can you contribute?

  • Just cook meals or buy supplies and go and stock in any of the fridges around town.
  • Join the Facebook group to see daily updates as a LOT of fridges need a lot more love than you can imagine –
  • Try eating as much as you can in your Iftars and pack the rest in clean boxes and deliver to any of these fridges.
  • Bring your neighbors and communities together to donate towards these fridges.
  • A lot of companies like Mumbaikar’s, Swaadish, The Kebab Shop, Kabab Rolls are doing Iftar packs. For those who don’t have the time to cook, order with these restaurants to buy these packs and donate them to the fridges.
  • Have a big, big, big heart!


This is the map of all the fridges:

And my personal favorite picture from the campaign is this happy face! It reminds us how blessed we are and how we all have the ability to make someone smile with the smallest of our actions 🙂 God Bless!



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