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Are these the BEST Bagels in Dubai?

I have had a lot of bagels around town but i can undoubtedly say, the search is now over!

The most delicious bagels I have found are at Gulf Bagel Factory when I was invited for a bloggers breakfast! Hidden in one of the by lanes of Al Quoz, this production house sells bagels by the box and the variety of bagels and breads will truly astonish you. They are sold frozen and can be thawed before eating and are the best quality you will taste from the ones available in Dubai.

It offers New York style kettle-boiled Bagels which are par boiled, baked upto 90% and then shock frozen to control the humidity. The freshness is remarkable after being thawed which is basically keeping them out for about 30 minutes before consuming them. They can be heated for a minute or so before being consumed so you can experience a true NY style bagel. The bagels are sold at a variety of retail outlets like Carrefour or can be bought directly from the GBF in Al Quoz.

They have a variety of flavours like Blueberry, Plain, Wholewheat, Black Sesame, White Sesame, Onion, and so many more. They don’t have a Rainbow Bagel yet but I am hoping it will be launched soon!

We got to experience bagels filled with cream cheese, cheese slices, tomatoes, labneh, feta and much more! Every bagel tasted really good.


We were also show the entire workplace from how the bagels are made to where they are stores and how they are packaged. The expiry date gets printed on the box directly rather than sticker labels to ensure transparency.

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They are not a restaurant but hope to have a cafe soon where they can retail their bagels and other breakfast breads.

For now, you can have a piece of the Big Apple, or should i say the Big Bagel right here in Dubai 🙂

For more information on how to get there and their products, visit them on their website.


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