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Ayam Elezz – A journey through vintage Lebanon

Don’t you just love places that give you a feel of their history through their food and ambience? That’s exactly what Ayam Elezz does.


Situated in The Mall which has recently opened opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the set up of Ayam Elezz takes you into the living room of a Lebanese household adorned with vintage pieces, photographs on the wall, and old age pieces that you would relate to from your childhood trips to your grandparent’house.

The area at the entrance will give you the feel that you are stepping into a happy house in which the mother of the house is waiting to welcome you with a delicious home cooked meal 🙂 The service definitely gave us that feeling.


We were pampered with delicious vegetarian options and juices. We were given a bread platter to start off with and it came with a pesto dip and an absolutely tasty dip which consisted of mashed feta mixed with labneh and some chopped vegetables.


The best amongst everything was the delicious and refreshing Lemonade Batrouniye which is made the same way how they used to traditionally make in Lebanon. Lemons and oranges are hand squeezed and the strained juice is then frozen till served. The taste is so delicious and refreshing and unlike any lemonade you would have had before!


The fruit cocktail and fresh pomegranate juice (which is again hand mashed and squeezed) needed acquired tastebuds.

The cold mezzeh was spectacular and fresh. The Hummus had chopped vegetables in it which was different than what i have usually had and tasted really good. It had a mixture of tomatoes, mint, parsley and onions and the chef had created this brilliantly as none of the veggies were overpowering. The stuffed Grape Leaves is not something i generally like so i gave that a miss! The Fattoush was fresh and the Tabbouleh had a delicious zing to it 🙂 Breads (Khubs) served with it were nice and warm. We were also served Lentil Kibbe – a tasty dish of mashed lentils mixed with spices.


The hot mezze consisted of Batata Harra (crispy fried potato cibes mixed with garlic, coriander, and chilli – my favorite) and Fattet BatinJein (Slices of fried eggplant mixed with boiled chickpeas, yoghurt, tahina and ground garlic garnished with fried pine nuts).


To finish off this beautiful meal, we were given 2 beautiful desserts.

Raha Bil Ashta – A rollup of jelly stuffed with fresh cream and garnished with powdered sugar and pistachios. It tasted very unique and was a bit like dried jelly. The fresh cream tasted good with it.


Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?


Rice Pudding – There are so many varieties of this dish in different cultures and it’s wonderful to taste how its made by different ethnic groups. Best part was it was less sweet and quite enjoyable.


I think i went a bit crazy with how i wanted to photograph it 🙂


They also have a sheesha side which overlooks the pretty Jumeirah Beach Hotel.


Doesn’t matter which culture you are from, to bring back the good old days, I am definitely going back here with friends and family.


For more information, visit them on Zomato.

Ayam Elezz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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