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Punjabi Delights at Chawlas2

Step into a world of Punjabi culinary delights with Chawlas2 based in Jumeira Lake Towers. With Himalayan inspirations, the recipes of Chawlas2 were born in Punjab. Existing since 1960, this brand has evolved over the years and now has 100 outlets spanning over USA, Canada, India, Australia and now in UAE.

Very well known for its creamy chicken, this recipe of theirs was sought after in Punjab when they started. They started only with this dish and because it became so popular due to the unique spices used in the gravy, Chawlas2 was originally knows as Chawlas Chicken. As they slowly started expanding, they wanted to cater to the vegetarians as well and soon renamed themselves to Chawlas2 (pronounced as Chawlas Squared) in which the “squared” means serving both veg and non veg.


Lucky for us vegetarians, the veg options are as good as the chicken ones. I had recently arranged for a blogger’s meetup here thanks to the recommendation of my a blogger friend Jaweria from DineOutDubai. Here we all are after a satisfied culinary experience.


We were hosted extremely well by the franchise owner Mr Arvinder. He explained to us that the concoction of unique spices used for the famous gravy is not even known by the head chefs who have been working with Chawlas2 for many years. The team had come down to the UAE to tantalise the tastebuds of the food loving people of Dubai. Below they are, the team who will satisfy your cravings.


We started off with the Sweet Lassi which was thick and just how Punjabi’s love it.



Hariyali Paneer – marinated chunks of cottage cheese with freshly chopped mint leaves – The paneer is made in house and was succulent. It went extremely well with the mint chutney served in the start.


Stuffed Tandoori Aloo – scooped potato stuffed with cottage cheese, poppadums, cashew nuts, with aromatic herbs and spices coated with white sesame and cooked in a clay oven – i felt the potato could have been a bit more but other than that, the stuffing was quite unique and crunchy and was liked by all.


Tandoori Mushroom Tikka – Fresh mushroom with diced onion, tomato and capsicum marinated in tandoori masala and cooked in clayoven.


Main Course

Tomato Cream Paneer – cottage cheese cooked in a tomato gravy with cream and the original Chawlas herbs which are used for their famous Cream Chicken recipe. At first, i didn’t think much of it because it was less spicy. But after 2 bites, it really grew on me and i could have finished the whole dish! The gravy was really good though i still do wish it was a bit more spicy.


Chana Masala – WOW! These are some of the best chana i have ever had. the spices and gravy was perfection. Truly Punjabi.


Mushroom Taka Tak – I am not a big fan of mushrooms but this dish was prepared well with the tiny mushroom pieces and the delicious thick gravy. For someone who actually loves mushrooms, they will relish this dish.


Dal Makhani – Aromatic and loaded with butter like how Punjabi dal makhani should be, this was quite original to its Punjabi roots and thankfully not loaded with cream.


Breads – Roomali Roti’s and naans were our accompaniments and i always enjoy my punjabi food with traditional naan 🙂


Gulab Jamun – Super soft and yumm!! They tasted how they are supposed to taste.


Kheer – indian rice pudding flavoured with cardamom and kesar – this could have been better as i felt this was less sweet and had less saffron.


Moong Dal Halwa – if you are a halwa person, you will surely enjoy this one.


I would definitely recommend Chwalas2 for your Punjabi cravings and do not miss out on the Tomato Cream Paneer. You can also enjoy the beautiful views while dining outside 🙂

For more info on Chawlas2, visit them on Zomato.

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