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Freez – making you freeze with Excitement

New kid on the block, Freez in Al Quoz, has been turning heads with it’s crazy creations and street art like graffiti walls. Sprayed across the walls are all the childhood memories if you are an 80s or 90s kid. From paintings of Areej, Nutella, Softie’s and Pink Panther, this small little joint has been winning hearts of all those with a sweet tooth.

When my blogger friend @soni_phoenix invited me to go along with her to Freez, i literally froze with excitement! I had seen the drool worthy pics and couldn’t wait to experience it for myself.

The owner was very sweet and made us taste the below:

Brownie Crepe – Crepe filled with brownie and topped with white and milk chocolate, this was delicious and you just couldn’t stop at one bite! The sweetness levels for me were just perfect! I felt it had a hint of lotus biscoff in it or maybe the lotus spread.


Strawberry Mojito – I generally don’t like slush like drinks as i’m not a big fan of something too icy, but this made for a refreshing drink!


Lotus Crepe and Lotus Milkshake – Okay, please do not kill me but i am not a big fan of lotus! I feel it is too sweet as a biscuit and hence i found this crepe a bit to the sweeter side. However, for those who love Lotus, this is killer!! It’s really good who love a dose of over sweetness. I did not try the milkshake but i wish i had!










Nutella Milkshake Jar – OMG! Nutella is the best thing ever made by mankind and this Nutella Milkshake in the Nutella Jar, somehow make the experience even better!


Two toned Softie – With an ice cream tower like that, get the best of both worlds! But make sure you gulp it down before it melts away.


F3 Drink – Apparently, everybody has been calling this the Fazza drink! The amazing coffee has a unique taste to it and comes in a bottle with F3 embossed on it.


Sushi crepe – My favourite amongst them all! I just loved the unique way in which the crepe was rolled as a sushi and drenched in milk and white chocolate topped with a strawberry to add a tang to it!


Laban Cheetos and Laban Oman Chips – Ok these are the most epic drinks i have ever had! Laban is lassi (for those who don’t know) and mixed with oman chips and cheetos which are childhood favourites is CRAY!!


And last but not the least of this mind boggling journey was,

Areej Raspberry Slush – Served in Areej’s cute Tetra Pack, this wanted me to go back to school. The slush was made with Areej Raspberry Juice itself and was delicious!


Epic tasting with an epic ending! The place is very small so make sure you wait around for your table or you can always enjoy in your car!

Recommended – Sushi Crepe and Laban Oman Chips

Location – Behind Al Quoz Park, ,Street 17B, Al Quoz

Phone number – 0564355540

 Perks – Wifi, Kid friendly, Desserts

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