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These NEVER before seen First Preview photos of most awaited ‘Carnival by Tresind’ will give you Food-gasms

The whole of Dubai has been waiting for Carnival by Tresind to open! It officially launches on 3rd September 2016, but I was elated when I got my exclusive invite to it’s first preview! Serving post modern cuisine, every dish will take you back in time either to some childhood memory or your grandmother’s cooking with a modernistic twist but true to it’s traditional flavors. If you have a special occasion to celebrate, GO HERE!

I was the first blogger who got to see the place and taste this magic curated by the very talented team here. Trust me when I tell you this, their post modern cuisine is already worthy of a Michelin star!


Renowned Chef Himanshu Saini has revolutionized modern Indian cuisine, first at Tresind, by showing UAE residents the magic of molecular gastronomy and now creating post modern Indian magic at Carnival by Tresind. Below Hubby and I pose with happy faces next to Chef Himanshu and Operations and Marketing Manager Kevin Joshi (who can describe food so magically, you end up not eating, but having a true culinary experience).


His creations never fail to impress and I was expecting nothing less at this preview! We were ushered by kind and courteous staff and upon arriving at our table were touched to learn that the Green Balloon depicted Vegetarian (for me) and the red balloon meant Non Vegetarian (for my hubby). That meant the world to me as most people tend to somehow forget I am a Vegetarian!


The place is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! It transports you to a world of masquerade balls but the tiny Indian touches like cute little Kites amongst these well lit branches take you back to your childhood!IMG_1168IMG_1054

We had menu’s on the table and were in for a real treat. A 19 course menu awaited us which consisted of 19 small plates, desserts and palette cleansers. Each dish was bursting with flavours and there was not even one dish that we didn’t like! 19 dishes and NOT EVEN ONE that disappointed us. Now, if that’s not a true culinary experience then what is!

Happy Halloween – Pumpkin stuffed Kulcha (steamed bread) – Don’t like pumpkin? It doesn’t matter! HAVE THIS ANYWAY! The stuffing of mashed pumpkin in perfectly steamed crisp kulcha is the tastiest form of pumpkin I have ever had!


Makhan Phal – Cacao Butter Hive, Avocado and Lime Cream – A white cacao block that looks like a block of a bee hive topped with mousse like avocado and lime cream. It was divine!



Life is Short, Eat Dessert First – Jalebi Chaat, Yoghurt Mousse, Potato and Chickpea – OK seriously, who even thought Jalebi in a curd chaat could taste this good! The Jalebi was perfectly crisp and actually tasted amazing with the chaat!


Florets – Cauliflower Florest Kempu, Chilli and Coconut Chutney – I generally LOVE cauliflower! But this was CRAZILY delicious! Soft mush of cauliflower on the inside and crisp on the outside like a pakora, it went perfectly with the chutney given.


La Tomatina Beverage Soup – Cold Tomato Essence ‘Tomato Shorba’ Tomato and Cheese Bread Stick – Drink it like a beverage from the Bottle Himanshu said, and drink it from the bottle we did! Best decision ever! The bottle comes in a bed of ice and is chilled so you actually end up feeling like you are having a cold beverage and not a cold soup. Plus remember these green bottles from vintage India? Topped with a crisp cheese breadstick.


Vada Pav Service – Classic Vegetarian Snack of Mumbai Mill Workers – Paying abode to the hard working mill workers of then known Bombay, this classic snack is made live in front of you with ingredients brought in a mill workers Tool Box. The ready Pav stuffed with Vada is topped with various ingredients from the tool box and the end result is beyond exceptional! I can safely say this is the best Vada Pav I have ever had (ask them to go easy on the spice if you don’t like it fiery)


Games of Corns – Corn Curd and Coconut Cutlets, Goji Berry Chutney, Kewpie Mayo – I chuckled at how cleverly this dish was named being a big Game of Thrones fan myself. Upon lifting the steel can, the crispy cutlet had a super soft stuffing on the inside, corns scattered on the outside and the flavours all came together beautifully in your mouth!

IMG_1075  IMG_1079

Malai Baraf – Litchi Granita, Raspberry Rose Water, Fresh Milk Skin – A sorbet with these delicious ingredients will remind you of mixing flavours in your favorite Gola from the streets of Mumbai.


I’m Fungi – Matar, Mushroom, Makhane, Methi, Malai, Makhani – In reality, I don’t even like any of these ingredients, but apparently when Chef HS makes them into a gravy, it tastes like you have just had the mother of gravies! Served with a side of paratha.


Dal Phulka – Yellow Lentil Cappucino, Phulka Cookie, Fresh Truffle Ghee, Cumin Coco – After having this, I want to convert the ghee in my house to truffle ghee! and Dal Cappuccino?!? WHAT?!? And Phulka Cookie?!?! Seriously, HOW! How does their brain work in such mad ways to curate such dishes? And OMG  they actually taste OUT OF THIS WORLD! Served in a coffee cup, please DO NOT miss out on this dish.


Oranjee – Orange and Kashmiri Saffron Popsicle – The team went to various cities of India to search for this popsicle wrapper which we used to adore in our childhood! The saffron was a bit strong for me and if it was just orange ice candy, I would have been transported to those vacations at my Granma’s relishing the cold of this against our lips.


Gol Hatti – Chandni Chowk’s (a famous area in Delhi) famous Palak Chole, Steamed Kulcha, Carrot Pickle Salad – Chef HS remembers a street vendor from his days in Delhi who used to make something similar and curated it to his own style. If that street vendor were to eat this, let me tell you, he would be ONE PROUD MAN! The spinach gravy was bursting with flavours and I have never liked Spinach before the way i have liked this!


Bibimbap Biryani – Basmati Biryani, Bibimbap Vegetables – Bibimbap (a Korean dish) is a large bowl of rice topped with an array of individually prepared vegetables, and served with seasoned red chili pepper. Bibim means mixing, and bap means rice. But whatever it means, it tasted like one Biryani I am going to crave for a very long time! Flavourful, lightly topped with perfectly seasoned vegetables, this made one helluva dish! Oh, and it came with the softest fried Tofu ever!!


Palak Paneer – Homemade Masala Paneer Nu Custard, Spinach Chiffonade, Butter Pao – Served in a bun, this custard of cottage cheese was topped with shreds of crispy spinach. One plop in the mouth and the soft custard against the crispy spinach will drive you insane!


Chaat Wala – Guava Parfait, Strawberry Chaat Masala, Caramelized Boondi – Have you ever had guava rubbed with red chaat masala from the cart vendors in India? This was THAT but in a parfait form and I think I went in a state of shock as to how such a small but important part of my childhood summer vacations to India had come alive. Whoever thought?


Go Bananas – Toffee Panacotta, Pie Tuile, Ilaichi Banana Ice Cream ‘Banoffee Pie’– You will truly go bananas after eating this South Indian inspired dessert.


The Betels – Betel Leaf Macaron ‘Sweet Paan’– Miniature macarons with Paan flavouring! If every dessert had paan flavour in it, it would be every Indian’s dream come true! And these macarons were to die for!!!


Kappi – South Indian Filter Coffee, Caramelized Lotus Seeds – See the coffee dusted white pebble like thing in the cup? Plop that in your mouth, bite it and VOILA! Out bursts coffee, south Indian coffee which every Indian who loves Dosa will finish their meal with. How he made it like a truffle but with liquid inside will always remain a mystery! And so that you can get rid of the bitter espresso like taste from your mouth, this came with a side of caramel lotus seeds which almost were like caramel popcorn.


Palate Changer – Miracle Berry served with a slice of Lemon – This one was truly a miracle. You are supposed to have the entire spoon of berry powder in one go, don’t swallow it or bite it, just swirl it around in your mouth and take your time doing it. Once dissolved, squeeze the lemon in your mouth (like you do after your tequila shots), and the miracle happens! Everything starts tasting sweet in your mouth and you are almost ready for round 2! But if you eat or drink something immediately after this, it will taste sweet due to the concoction of the berry powder and lemon.


Below is what my Non Vegetarian Hubby had. I don’t write about Non Veg stuff generally but making an exception in this case as he loved the food beyond imagination.

Indian Fried Chicken – Chicken Fried Pakora with an outer shell of Boondi Crisp – Shaped like a laddoo with edible gold leaf on top, this, he said, was super soft on the inside and just melted in your mouth.


Pulliinji – South Indian Ginger Prawns, Palm Sugar Caramel, Curry Leaf Crisp – He claims these are the best prawns he has ever had and he can be a real fussy eater, so I believe him!


Bimbimbap Biryani with Chicken – Chicken Biryani, Bimbimbap Vegetables – Scrumptious like my Biryani was with succulent chicken pieces.


Goosebuns – A reinvention of iconic Kurla Station Bun Maska with Foie Gras, Churan and Pomegranate Jam – Foie Gras is as exotic as it can be. Just look at how beautiful that looks!


The rest of the dishes served to him were same as mine.

Our beautiful journey ended here but this review doesn’t! You still haven’t seen the insanely delicious drinks we were served! All that we had was NON-ALCOHOLIC.

Lime Soda and Passionfruit Soda – Cray!!!


Mango Iced Tea and Bartender’s Choice – (L to R) – The mango iced tea was topped with a crisp aam papad (*heart eyes* another childhood fav) and the Bartender’s Choice with Lavender, so every time you sip it, you also take in the essence of the lavender! Genius!


Bartender’s Choice – Hit the toy next to the skull and it lights up (yes i had fun doing that :)) and how crazy good looking is my frog drink!

IMG_1110         IMG_1122

Here is Happy Me with my Froggy Drink 🙂


And after this plethora of culinary surprises at this gastronomic gala, I took some time to just admire the beautiful way the interiors were done.

IMG_1185 IMG_1051IMG_1176IMG_1055IMG_1057IMG_1059IMG_1166IMG_1169IMG_1167IMG_1170IMG_1171IMG_1176IMG_1179IMG_1173

Magical, isn’t it! Our server was super sweet, ever smiling and explained everything so well! I suggest you book your tables for 3rd September as fast as you can. I am already going back on 3rd September and so one table is already booked for me 🙂


Recommended – EVERYTHING! But if you really must know, Happy Halloween, Dal Phulka, Vada Pav Service, Makhan Pal, and i should stop now otherwise I will end up writing everything!

Bidding Adieu now! Say Cheese 🙂


Highlights – Full Bar Available, Wifi, Luxury Dining

Phone Numbers – 04 4218665, 0522424262 (Table booking recommended)

Cuisine – Indian

Cost – AED 400 for 2 people (approx.)

Address – Podium Level, Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai

Valet Available – Yes

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