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Summer Cooking Class at Al-Maeda

I love cooking classes!!! It’s so much fun learning new dishes and getting an insight into a different culture. It’s amazing to see how so many spices might be similar across different ethnicities but the style of cooking is SO different!

Thanks to Monica from @DoInDubai who organized the event, I got to experience the amazing Summer Cooking Class at Al-Maeda in DoubleTree by Hilton JBR wherein we learnt to cook authentic Arabic dishes with the guidance of Chef Lawrence and his wonderful team.


Al-Maeda is a beautifully decorated restaurant serving Levant inspired dishes. Their food is of high quality and the ingredients are fresh. After this fun cooking class, you will truly appreciate the amount of effort that goes into making each of these delicious dishes.

We were welcomed with a Moroccan Drink which was refreshing and help beat the summer heat!


After being given our kits which consisted of Aprons and the Recipes of what we were about to learn, we were taken to the open kitchen area where all the ingredients required were laid out beautifully and small manakeesh for the hungry foodies in us to nibbleย on while we educated ourselves.


We started off by makingย a Vegetarian starter named Loubieh Bel Zeit which was mainly Green Beans made in a Tomato Sauce. I will not give out the recipe, as you truly have to see it to experience the authenticity but this dish was served cold in the end and was to be had with Khubs. It was unique and bursting with flavours.



Then we moved on to the Main Courses which consisted of a non veg dish and a veg dish.

The Kousha Mahshi (non veg) was Zucchini stuffed with meat and even though i couldn’t eat it, the way it was cooked was brilliant! When you see the final dish, you will never be able to tell how this was cooked unless you see it FIRST HAND!


The Vegetable Kawage (veg main course) was simply WOW! It was like vegetable curry with fried cauliflower, eggplant, potato and baby marrow. It tasted so good and so home-made which made me appreciate the entire process of how it was cooked. This was served HOT with Khubs and i loved how it was made with an Arabic origin, but yet reminded me of my roots.


For dessert, we made Kunafa! Now i am a lover of all things cheese and dessert, so of course when it comes to the both of these being combined together, I would be the first one to volunteer to make it ๐Ÿ™‚ Here i am, making Kunafa with Akawi Cheese which does not melt easily and is pretty salty if not soaked for enough hours. Churning the cheese is a hard process! The Kunafa needs to be baked at the perfect temperature for a perfect crust and I am so glad i learned how this popular Arabic dessert is made.


Our class was a lot of fun and the chefs answered each and every question or doubt we had. They also sat and enjoyed the meal with us in the end which i liked because it felt like a family gathering at the end of it all! These cute al-maeda embossed breads added to the authenticity of the meal.


And here we all are, the happy bunch, who were more than happy playing chefs for the day ๐Ÿ™‚ If you don;t already know all these talented bloggers in the pic below, hop on to my Instagramย to see who attended this class with me.


  • Dishes taught – 3
  • Day – Every Tuesday till the end of 2016
  • Timings – 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Price – AED 199 inclusive of 3 course menu
  • Booking – 24 hours in advance required


Bring your kids along and let them have fun during your class at Kidz Venture Kids Club for FREE (kids from 5 to 12 years old)

After the class, relax at the pool and beach for only AED 50.

Al Maeda Restaurant- 1st Floor DoubleTree by Hilton JBR. For bookings please call 055 166 8092


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