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Maharashtrian Flair at Peshwa

I have never had authentic Maharashtrian food before this. Yes, I have had the chaats but not the main courses or desserts. I have seen Peshwa many a times as i used to pass by to go to my favorite spa in that area (which coincidentally turned out to be owned by the owners of Peshwa) but never stepped in.

Our experience was very good and Mr Sachin, the proud owner of the restaurant, gave us a background of how the food is made by authentic Maharashtrian chefs and all the employees too were mostly from Maharashtra.

We were welcomed with some traditional drinks such as the Kokum Sharbat and Solkadhi.

Solkadhi is generally made from Kokum fruit and Coconut Milk and known for its digestive properties. Generally had after the meal, this drink tasted somewhat like a masala lassi with a tang to it.


Kokum Sharbat is known to cool you down and this drink was indeed refreshing and perfect for this summer heat!


For starters we were served:

Batata Vada – Fried dumplings with a filling of boiled potatoes on the inside – These were good but could have been better. However, i have been told maharashtrians make it a bit differently than what we usually get on the streets of Mumbai hence it might be something i am not used to.


Kothimbir Wadi – made with gram flour and coriander seeds, this friend crispy snack was a hit as i didn’t get to taste it. It vanished before I could even get a bite of it.


Sabudana Vada – I generally don’t like the taste of Sabudana Vada but this one was good and crispy. It is a traditional deep fried snack from Maharashtra. It is often served with spicy green chutney and along with hot chai and is best eaten fresh.


Crispy Onion Pakora – Another deep fried snack, this dish is best enjoyed during the monsoons in India with a hot cup of chai. You could taste the freshness of the pakoras and thankfully they were not soggy.


Then came the main course which consisted of:

Pithale – a yellow curry made of fram flour and onions and can be eaten with rice or indian bread knows as bakhri. Very different than your traditional curries or daals.


Bharli Wangi – stuffed eggplants cooked in coconut gravy, this dish was the winner for me! Spicy and a nice and thick gravy, i enjoyed this with some soft indian rotis.



Bharli Karli – karela or bitter gourd was the main ingredient of this dish. however when you eat it, you could never tell it was made of that as the bittnerness was almost nil and the dish was cooked well.


We enjoyed all these gravies with soft roti’s and chappati’s.


For dessert we tried the Puran Poli (a sweet flatbread) stuffed with sweet lentil filling and jaggery, Mango Amrakhand, which i really liked, a yoghurt based sweet dish with mango, and Dudhi ka Halwa (a sweet indian dessert made from bottle gourd) which wasn’t something my tastebuds would prefer.

In all, our experience was great and the introduction to maharashtrian food was done right! I would go back to savor some nice and spicy food when i am looking for something authentic.

It is also apt for parties as they have a spacious setting and a traditional cultural feel with the images of Lord Ganesha adorning the walls. They also have a cute cupboard of maharashtrian books for those who would like to indulge.

This place is perfect for learning and experiencing the true taste of Mahrashtra.

Known For – Affordable Thalis and authentic Maharashtrian food

Highlights – Breakfast, Home Delivery, Wifi, Kid Friendly

Phone number – 04 3795520

Cost – AVERAGE AED 100 for two people (approx.)

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