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Cafe 302 – Your home away from home

Cosy, inviting and food that will feed your soul, Cafe 302 has everything you need for a modern delicious meal.

Dubai may have a lot of cafe’s and may be the preferred location for residents of Abu Dhabi to drive down for a delicious meal, but the dining scene of Abu Dhabi is changing with places like Cafe 302. The cafe was cleverly named after it’s building number which is building 302 of Abu Dhabi.


Inspite of being located in Al Maha Arjaan Rotana Hotel where you can enter the cafe from inside the hotel, it also has an entrance from the street side which is great as it gives it a feel of an independent cafe. Upon entering the cafe, you will fall in love with how beautifully it is decorated. It feels like a big living room with a dining area on one side, an open concept kitchen in the centre and a living room like feel on the other side with couches and a cosy atmosphere.


Coming to the food, the menu is very International but each dish stays true to its nature. We started with drinks and had the Nutella and Hazelnut Crunch Milkshake and The Defender which was a beautiful looking, ombre orange juice made of pomegranate, pineapple, grapefruit and carrot.

We asked for all the food to come at once so our table looked stunning with the beautifully presented dishes below.


We had:

Crispy Fried Dill Pickles with ranch sauce – You haven’t lived until you try some! Truly! Once of the most unique appetizers i have ever had, this dish is the top left in the pic above. Crispy on the outside with perfect dill pickles on the inside, they were delicious and went extremely well with the ranch sauce.

Wild Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions and Goats Cheese Bruschetta – I love anything with goats cheese but i don’t like mushrooms. However this combination was so good and was made more like a Pizza. Pictured on the bottom right.

Chili Pepper and Cheese Fries – I wish these would have been thick fries but none the less they were high in quality, fresh and delicious! The melted Cheddar on top made this for a meal in itself.


Margherita with Italian Sweet Basil – buffalo mozarella and cherry tomatoes – one of the freshest pizzas i have ever had, this one demanded to be enjoyed to the fullest by itself. Pictured in the centre. The mozarella was tasty and the pizza dough was surely made with high quality ingredients.

Penne in Pink Sauce – This is not really on the menu but when we asked for pasta, it was made on special request and boy was i glad! the sauce was SO SO SO good and the penne was tossed perfectly in the thick sauce. It was not dry and the dish as a whole was something i enjoyed thoroughly! I would drive back to AUH just to have this 🙂 Pictured on the bottom left.

Our delicious meal was accompanied by this really good looking dessert which was Warm Chocolate Torte with Gooey Centre but unfortunately the centre was not gooey. It was a bit uncooked for my tastebuds however they do have a wide range of desserts on the menu and on display which can be enjoyed.


Our journey ended with their Signature Cold Brew ‘Kyoto Style’ which was a very unique cold black coffee and is usually brewed for about 3 days before being served. It is an extremely popular drink and is also sold in ready to go bottles for those who love their espresso’s but would like it cold.



Just like their Kyoto style coffee, a lot of other ingredients, freshly made breads, jams, oils, pastas and Italian imports are sold in house.

A select variety of fresh fruits are also sold for those who would like to pop in to the cafe and pick up a fresh fruit on the go. This is keeping in mind also those guests who stay in the hotel and would want to just pick a fruit or two in between their meals. As pictured below, you can see how fresh the fruits look.



Our uninterrupted lunch went on for almost 3 hours as my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the space, food and service while we also enjoyed reading from the selection of magazines available.


Cafe 302 is highly recommended – to DRINK.CHAT.EAT.


Highlights – Breakfast, Wheelchair Accessible, Valet Parking Available, Wifi, Outdoor Seating, Buffet

Address – Al Maha Arjaan by Rotana, Hamdan Street, Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

Phone number – 02 6106666

Cost – AVERAGE AED 175 for two people (approx.)

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