This product from Huda Beauty is the best thing that happened to the Make Up Industry

I am not a make up addict – YET! But I am slowly getting there with newer products available in the market that last longer.

For people like me, who like minimal makeup and can’t spend hours doing it, one such product is Huda Kattan’s Liquid Matte Lipstick. I can’t be bothered re-touching myย makeup all day longย so this formula stays put throughout the day!

Every lipstick i have bought till date, comes off the minute I eat something or drink water. So when I saw the social media world going gaga over this, I just had to get one to test it myself. To my surprise, the color stayed put and only a bit of it came off from the inside of my lips. However the outside was still perfect and I couldn’t have been happier! I was a convert.

By the next day, i owned the entire collection.

What is so special about these? When you apply it on, the texture is wet and very liquid and you almost feel like it’s going to come off any minute. It takes about 30 seconds to dry and is stick when you touch it. However, it doesn’t start crusting after a while and you can actually apply a few coats to make your lips look fuller or give it any ombre look without feeling like you have any heavy build up.

The best part are the colors and their names. Catering to all the latest trends, theย 16 colors are all a MUST in your collection. The below shows only 9 of them.

Image result for huda beauty colors

You can shop them all at Sephora located in The Dubai Mall or Shop Huda Beauty. They cost about AED 100 each.

Address: Star Atrium, The Dubai Mall, Al Doha St. – Dubai
Phone: 04 339 9828
Cover image –ย The Hauterfly

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