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Govinda’s launches Vegan Menu

Govinda’s has become the pioneer when it comes to healthy Indian food. Their satvik food which is without onion and garlic has been branched out into innovative dishes with dedicated a Oil Free Menu, Gluten Free Menu and now a Vegan Menu.

Are you thinking of becoming vegan? Veganism is a great alternative diet choice, encouraging people to not eat meat and lead a balanced lifestyle with plant-based food. November 1 is celebrated as ‘World Vegan Day’ and the whole month is dedicated to celebrating plant-based food and the health benefits that come with adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Govinda’s encourages to eat healthy and make wise choices when selecting the ingredients that go in their food. This month they have launched their ‘Vegan Menu’ that will be available everyday at Govinda’s. “All the dishes in the menu are designed keeping in mind wholesome health benefits with no compromise in taste or flavour,” says Sanjit/Manisha the owners of this popular brand.

Going vegan is not only animal friendly but it has several health benefits as well, such as reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and premature death. However, one still needs to maintain some amount of portion control and avoid excess of salt, sugar and oil to truly maintain a healthy diet. At Govinda’s the aim is to provide food that is truly healthy in all aspects yet full of flavour and zest.

I was amazed to see the options available in the menu. It is always hard when you want to truly stick to a certain kind of healthy lifestyle but Govinda’s makes it so simple with the amount of dishes they have to offer. Not only was there in abundance in variety, the quality and taste of the food was also remarkable. Not for one second would you feel that you are eating food without onion and garlic or eating something vegan or gluten free.


For appetizers we had the Aloo Methi Tikki (Potato Fenugreek Patty) which was crispy and absolutely delish and the Paneer Tikka where the cottage cheese was succulent and had balanced spices.


I tried the Aloo Paratha (roti made with flour stuffed with potatoes) with the Black Daal and it was very pleasant to the tastebuds. Not too stuffed and very light.


Another gravy we tried was the Palak Kofta (Spinach balls in spinach gravy). I am not fond of too much spinach because if not made right it tends to get bitter but this was just another level. The flavours were mouth-watering and went very well with my paratha.


For the dessert, we went for a Tiramisu from the regular menu and considering it was made eggless it was extremely enjoyable.


Healthy or not, Govinda’s is generally a family favourite and our trips down here will become even better knowing they have these dedicated menus.

Govinda’s Restaurant currently has two locations, the flagship venue in Karama and the newly opened location in Jumeirah. The restaurant also serves a menu for special dietary requirements such as Vegan, High Protein, Diabetic, Healthy Hearts and more. Additionally, it is also affiliated with Tru Frut, a unique concept of fresh ice-cream that is 100% natural and vegetarian with no added preservatives or artificial flavourings. Both the brands believe in healthy eating and are known for producing the tastiest food.

Location – Govinda’s Restaurant, Um Sequim 2, Beach Road, Jumeirah, Dubai

Phone Number – 04 2759044



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