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Asha’s, Wafi – Asha Bhosle’s Birthday Celebrations with Kebab and Biryani Festival

Asha Bhosle an internationally acclaimed artiste of iconic status is the “Most Recorded Artiste” in music history, popular for generations, and still touring globally her ever-green appeal captivates millions. Asha’s numerous awards include the BBC Lifetime Achievement Award (presented by the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair), Asha is the current holder of the Guinness World Record ‘Most Recorded Artiste in the world’. Moreover the Dubai International Film Festival recognized Asha’s outstanding merit by awarding her in 2014 a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

Asha’s at Wafi offers a modern contemporary interior, creating a warm soothing and intimate setting. This award winning restaurant was the first to open in the world’s only International Indian restaurant chain. Asha’s currently operate 10 restaurants in five countries including 2 European locations, a further eight restaurants are scheduled to open in 2017. Boasting 40 culinary awards, the revered Michelin guide is recognized as Asha’s most coveted culinary endorsement. One year after opening, Asha’s restaurant located in Manchester, U.K. has been included in the prestigious Michelin Guide 2017 – the only Indian restaurant in Manchester to ever be recognised by the coveted culinary Guide.


We were given the Rose Gem Iced Tea as a welcome drink which gives you a strong flavour of rose on the first sip but eventually becomes a soothing and unique drink as you sip it away.


Following the resounding success of its recent ‘Live like a Maharaja’ menu, dishes inspired by the royal kitchens of India, Asha’s at Wafi present a selection of 10 new unique and creative Biryani and Kebab dishes showcasing recipes perfected by Asha in her personal kitchen in Bombay. We got to try the Kofta Kham Khatai which was a unique combination of bottlegourd and potato and one of the most exotic vegetarian kebabs i have ever got to taste. It was absolutely delicious and crispy with a very soft centre.

Asha, a quintessential cook at home whose passion in life is to prepare her food with love, has pampered Bollywood veterans and iconic prime ministers with her secret Biryani recipes. Guests can sample Asha’s gastronomic delights in a new and exciting menu. Indulge in flavourful Biryani’s made uniquely with a mix of ingredients that are unheard of! Even though I didn’t get to taste a Veg Biryani, I did try the Daal Makhani which goes very well with biryani’s in general and this was THE BEST I have ever had till date!


Built around the legendary Indian artiste Asha Bhosle, and her passion for cooking, Asha’s menu reflects the very best of Indian cuisine and promises a truly memorable dining experience. “A great recipe is like an immortal tune, it happens but only a few times in one’s life” Asha Bhosle. Cooking has been her life’s interest and love, Asha concentrates her culinary talents exclusively in the kitchens of her branded international restaurant chain. We tried her exclusive Hare Baingan Ka Bharta (Mashed Eggplant Gravy) and this dish should have an acquired taste usually but it was so good that everyone on the table loved it.


Due to centuries of spice trading Arabia and the Subcontinent share a great culinary history. This rich cultural alliance was deemed responsible for the evolution of two monumental gastronomic phenomena’s the creation and development of Biryanis and Kebabs. Such is the appeal throughout the Arab and subcontinent world of these two unique dishes they often represent the sole offering in many ethnic restaurants. Eevn the Raita served along with the biryani was delectable.


Kebabs (believed to originate from the Arabic word Kabéb) are cited to date back to the 1300’s; tradition has it, both dishes Biryanis and Kebabs were invented in the royal houses of Persia, and enjoyed throughout the various Islamic Empires. By offering unique and sometimes forgotten recipes from every corner of the Indian subcontinent, Wafi’s upcoming Biryani and Kebab promotion seeks to explain the interest of these infamous dishes by celebrating the diversity of hundreds of regional derivatives. Other than this the desserts served such as the Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halwa and Kulfi were appetizing too.


India’s Pride, the unparalleled Biryanis and Kebabs menu will be available in Asha’s at Wafi from 1st August 2016 to 30th November 2016. A grand indulgence not to be missed!

Phone number – 04 3244100

Cuisines – Indian, North Indian, Mughlai

Cost – AED 360 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours – 12:30 PM to 3 PM, 7 PM to 12 Midnight

Address – Level 1, Pyramids At Wafi, Umm Hurair 2, Dubai, Umm Hurair, Dubai 

Highlights – Home Delivery, Wheelchair Accessible, Full Bar Available, Outdoor Seating, Kid Friendly, Wifi

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