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JAAN at The Penthouse, Sofitel Dubai Downtown

Jaan at the Penthouse is a progressive Indian cuisine restaurant in Dubai, the brainchild of Chef & Owner Farrokh Khambata.

Following Chef Farrokh Khambata’s huge success in India as one of the most renowned chefs and leading restaurateurs, Khambata is now taking Dubai on with his latest restaurant ‘JAAN at The Penthouse’. A progressive Indian restaurant and lounge is now open at the Sofitel Dubai Downtown. Complete with views of the Burj Khalifa from one side and Dubai’s magnificent coast from the other side, JAAN at the Penthouse brings a brand new flavor to Dubai’s culinary scene.

Here, Chef Farrokh, who has worked around the world and owns many ventures, uses quite a bit of Japanese influences into his cooking as it is one of his favorite cuisines. I was delighted when he joined us for the meal and was blown away by how humble he was. The dishes curated by him were nothing short of exhilarating.


Below are all the dishes we got to experience:

Picasso – The sober version of a Drunken Picasso, this drink came with a lot of flair and was made with mandarins and apples. Quite a hit at our table and we loved the refreshing burst of fruity flavours.

Swadeshi – Dragon Fruit, Wild Berry Mix and Bitter Lemon made for a wild mocktail.

For his Hand Cut Rolls, Chef Farrokh’s immense experience using Japanese, Asian and Indian ingredients has culminated in this culinary wonder fusing traditional Japanese techniques with Asian and Indian flavours. He takes it one step further by using an array of local fresh produce. We tried the Kur-Ku-Re which was vegan and consisted of crispy avocado with tempura flakes. The fusion ingredients were a delight to the tastebuds and i loved how you couldn’t even tell whether there was avocado in it or not.


Cold Smoke Chaat – Liquid N2O Dhokla Crumble, Crispy Spinach, Kurmura Puffed Rice and House Chutney. This unique combination was served in a jewelery box adorned with a pearl necklace and gold coins. It was too pretty to eat!

Hokkaido Mushrooms and Truffle Kofta – Eringi, Reishi, Shiitake, Truffle Kofta as a savoury ball. This kofta was a mushroom paradise and was crisped to glory Tasted really good.


Black and White Sesame Cottage Cheese Uttapah Taco – Wow! Mini fluffly indian pancakes were stuffed with a paneer filling and served like a soft taco. It was so simple yet so different and the whole combination of the spices was amazing.

Coorgi Pepper Roast Potatoes – Thi swas my FAVORITE!!! The potatoes were roasted in the most amazing spice and were so so perfect! They were topped with a crazy parsley foam and came on a bed of 2 minutes fried noodles. I highly recommend this dish because of how tasty it was. Simple but bursting with flavours in every bite.


Sizzling Chole Hommus with Amritsari Kulcha – A Hommus with whole chickpeas and punjabi spices served with stuffed and leavened breakfast bread, this dish came in a tin without a bottom. The chef lifted the tin with tongs and the chole burst open in the dish. Not very dramatic and it didn’t need to be because the taste of the dish was drama enough!


Kashmir ke Guchhi, Whole Himalayan Truffle – Quinoa churned Butter Risotto which was smoked and spiked in a clay oven. You could sense the smoked taste which made this simple yet exotic dish quite a meal.


The best part were also the desserts:

French Toast Shahi Tukda – Maple Cinnamon Squeeze syringe in a french toast made this traditional lucknowi dessert a treat to the eyes and the tastebuds. It came with an almond kulfi and was really good. Combining flavours from different parts of the world especially in desserts is pretty hard but this was bang on.


Nirvana – Saffron Pannacotta, Thandai Mousse and Raspberry Pour topped with an edible gold sprayed Valronha chocolate, this dessert will blow your mind! Named very aptly, the taste of the combination of flavours in this dish can only be sensed and will not do justice in words.


Here is a video of us pouring the raspberry. In reverse motion ‘cos all we wanted to do was take time back!

What you notice is that his food doesn’t need any dramatic flair to taste good! The food served in simple formats is a true culinary experience.

Khambata has been all around Asia and Europe discovering various foods and techniques at France’s top restaurants such as Au Normandie and Pierre Gagniere. Khambata then looked for culinary intelligence in the Far East, in Japan, Thailand and Vietnam to name a few. Due to his vast global culinary experiences, Khambata is able to prepare a dish unlike any other Indian cuisine in the market. Keeping true to the traditional tastes chef Farrokh has successfully designed a menu that includes the true essence of an Indian cuisine delivered in a healthy and light way.

The ingredients are key in providing flavor that is exquisitely unique yet traditionally familiar and to Khambata it is all about taste and presentation. The food is not the only aspect of JAAN that makes it so unique and progressive, but the architecture and design is something that Dubai has yet to visualize.

The fabulous décor at JAAN only adds to the outstanding ambience there is to experience. “I am extremely excited to venture into Dubai and be a part of the rising culinary wave. A lot of ‘heart & soul’ was invested in this project and I can’t wait for our guests to experience an exquisite and personalized culinary experience from begging to end!” said Chef Farrokh Khambata. There are only a few restaurants in Dubai that offer a dining experience that touches on all senses. JAAN at The Penthouse will take Indian food lovers to a multi-sensory culinary voyage, combining unique flavors with visual arts.

A trip down here is a MUST! And the breathtaking views will add on to your beautiful experience.

Phone number – 04 4573735 Table reservation required

Cuisines – Indian

Cost  – AED 350 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours – 1 PM to 3 PM, 7 PM to 3 AM

Address – Floor 31, Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

Highlights – Full Bar Available, Seaview, Valet Parking Available, Drinking Age Applicable, Restricted Entry, Gastro Pub

JAAN at the Penthouse - Sofitel Dubai Downtown Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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