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Pineapple Express – Food Truck at Palm Jumeirah

Did you know there was a whole line of food trucks opposite Atlantis Hotel at Palm Jumeirah? Well, now you do! Amongst those is one special truck named Pineapple Express as it served Instagram worthy dishes.

Pineapple Express is a cafe with a special emphasis on super foods and everything that is ‘good for your insides’. This healthy eating cafe originated from Brisbane and has one branch in JLT and a food truck at palm jumeirah. They use superfoods for most of their dishes including raw cacao and acai.


Serving a whole array of delicious and wholesome dishes, this little joint took me by real surprise. Popular for the acai bowls and rightly so, they definitely do justice to the dish.

We had the BREAKFAST BOWL which consisted of Acai, Coconut Water, Bananas, Berries, Spinach, Topped with Twice-Baked Granola, Shaved Coconut and Seasonal Fruits. It might be a tad bit expensive at AED 45, but oh boy did it taste good! And coming from me it’s kind of a deal breaker because i don’t even like acai bowls!


The whole mix of the fruits against the coconut water and mainly the fabulous crunchy granola. It was really good! This was a meal in itself and honestly we felt full till dinner time!

The other acai bowl we tried was the Gym Junkie which had the same ingredients as above except the Berries were replaced with Mango and the Spinach with Vegan Protein.

I loved the punch of mango against the rest of the flavours. Honestly, both were really good on its own.

Then i tried the PEANUT BUTTER + CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIE which had Cacao, Organic Peanut Butter, Banana, Choc Coconut Ice Cream, Almond Milk sprinkled with RAW Peanuts and Cacao Nibs. This was a bit too healthy for me. I don;t like almond milk so i think that didn’t work for me. My friend on the other hand loved it and gulped the entire shake down!


We then had the most delectable dish which was called SMASHED AVO which was a rye bread topped with feta, blitzed tomato and sweet basil oil. Guys please do not miss out on this! I love feta but hate avocado and this was one of the best avocado dishes i had ever had. The mash of avocado was flavourful and the chunky tomato pieces on top were juicy and that fetta! OMG! Best feta ever!!! It comes in specially from New Zealand and is worth every bite.


The manager got so amused seeing how gaga i was going over the feta, he kindly brought me another slice of multigrain bread topped with chunks of feta! OMG pathway to heaven! I shared a bit but ate most of it 🙂 It was so luscious!


Lastly we tried the TOAST TOPPERS which were only for AED 15 each and looked like they had been plucked from a Pinterest page. Below is the BANANAS, BLUEBERRIES AND ALMOND BUTTER which was power packed.


And this was the STRAWBERRY AND COTTAGE CHEESE which tasted as good as it looked 🙂 If you want a side of Instagram snaps to your main course, then as TimeOut said, this is the place for you.

Everything was really good and I was amazed at the cute tables and chairs to sit on had been incorporated on the street. Pineapples with yellow beach towels perched on the walls made for a cute reflection of the brand. The fact that it had the ocean right opposite reminded me of the beautiful beaches of Australia from when I studied back there. This place is definitely worth the drive down to Atlantis!

Phone Number – 050 214 8788

Location – Opposite Atlantis Hotel at Palm Jumeirah

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