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Little Group launches Little Mexico – A Mexican Culinary Expression

With a burst of vibrant colour and a splash of Latino spirit, Little Group has opened their doors to a brand new branch of Little Mexico on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi on 16th November.

From the patterns on their walls to the flavours in their dishes, Little Group are a bold and brave addition to the local culinary scene.

With 11 brands to their name – 9 of which are still waiting in the wings – Little Group have big plans to bring a taste of the world to the UAE. In the coming year, the company plan to open Little New York, Little Roma, Little Soi Bangkok, Little Shanghai, Little Tokyo, Little Mumbai, Little Mykonos, Little Beijing and Little Honolulu all in Abu Dhabi.



Little Mexico will capture the passion of the country through its little details and the restaurant’s interior that will include traditional sombreros hung boldly on the walls, vibrant Mexican bunting suspended from the ceiling and splashes of colour on bright chairs and tables. With its distressed, rustic finish, the central wooden bar will create the ambience of a laidback Mexican cantina in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Diners will relish in authentically tasting street food served to the sounds of toe-tapping Latin-American beats in a true fiesta.


The restaurant’s menu will treat foodies to a variety of fresh seafood seasoned with herbs and zesty flavours, alongside the crispiest tortillas, the freshest guacamole and the spiciest salsa. Thomas Gebler, Chief Culinary Officer recommends specialty dish Picadillo Sope, a delicious Taco with a perfect balance of sweet and spicy that includes juicy raisins and a hint of cinnamon.


Thomas says, “I’ve always been fascinated by the way a couple of spices can change a dish, or how cheese bought straight from the farmer can make a normal pizza unforgettable. I love the artisanal way of cooking and how great a simple ingredient can be. It’s these things that make each and every one of my restaurants different. At Little Group, we strive to delight our diners with a very real taste of the world’s best cities, and the launch of our second restaurant, Little Mexico is another exciting opportunity to do that.”


Little Group will soon be bringing the flavours of Italy and a taste of the big apple to Abu Dhabi, with the launch of Little Roma and Little New York in 2017.


About Little Group

Dreamed up by Thomas Gebler, a trailblazing lover of food and a seasoned restaurateur, Little Group is big on many things. From the colours on their walls to the flavours in their dishes, they are brave and they are bold. They have 11 brands called Little New York, Little Mexico, Little Paris, Little Roma, Little Soi Bangkok, Little Shanghai, Little Tokyo, Little Mumbai, Little Mykonos, Little Beijing and Little Honolulu. Their outlets are based in Abu Dhabi and move with the passion of Mexico and the tenacity of New York, the elegance of Paris and the energy of Mumbai. They know their cities, they know their food and they know how to have fun.

When it comes down to the little things, they’re big on those too. Honest, wholesome and hearty portions presented in hip, vibrant spaces and served by genuinely happy people; they think quality is in the detail.

For more information, please visit:

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