Product Review

Cocosia – Delicious Artisan Chocolates

Began almost three years ago, when founder and chocolatier, Qudsia Karim, undertook a postgraduate course in the art of chocolate making at the Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Qudsia has also completed a number of courses in the field of chocolate technology at the renowned Barry Callebaut Academy and The French Pastry School in Chicago, Illinois, so as to understand the formulation of recipes.


In addition to this, Qudsia also trained under Thierry Mulphaut, a leading chocolatier in the French region of Strasbourg. In order to understand the finer details of chocolate making, Qudsia has toured various parts of the Frexch region, attending institutes such as the Ecole de Grand Chocolat Valrhona.

Her core understanding of the different palates and flavours of chocolate comes from her extensive exploration of places in Europe, from the Swiss canton of Schwyz to the German town of Baden. Above all, Qudsia has an intricate understanding of the Dubai chocolate market, which is what helped her in creating the concept of Cocosia.

When we were called in for a chocolate tasting, we were delighted to find options such as chocolates with lemongrass filling. Each of her chocolates are intricately handmade and taste beautiful! They definitely are one of the finest I have had in Dubai.

Catering to every occasion, personalizing chocolates is something which they excel in. A box like the above will roughly cost about AED 110-120 which is a very good price considering the quality and make of the chocolate.

Their Christmas collection was extremely unique too and beautiful sight to the eyes.

Cocosia’s mission is threefold; utilization of only the best tools, delivering hand crafted products made by an expert team of artisans, and a passion to delight its customers. For more information visit their website

Phone Number – 04 3950977

Location – Shop 2 & 3, Rasis Business Centre, Al Barsha 1, Behind MOE, Dubai, UAE

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