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Rhodes W1 – European Gastronomy at it’s Finest

Fresh from a summer in France, Michelin Star Chef Gary Rhodes returns to Rhodes W1 bringing with him his very own je nais se quoi that the world knows and loves.

The décor is reminiscent of a summers day in the breathtaking Anglo-French country side topped off with inspired ice-cold cocktails, Gary’s infamous white tomato soup and a terrace Garden, perfect for taking in the panoramic views of the Dubai Marina. The Anglo- French-inspired menu takes diners on a culinary journey giving them the opportunity to sample innovative pairings.

Upon walking towards the restaurant, you will be enthralled by the walkway which will lead you to the bar first and then to the main dining area. Butterflies adorn the ceiling, a luscious green engulfs the entrance and a dash of yellow with birds on the walls will fascinate you.


The yellow lighting at the bar is in sync with the ambiance. Before heading out to have dinner, you can relax in the lounge area to have their famous drinks.


I had the IGOROKA made by the head Bartender and the drink was smooth and easy on the senses.

Upon walking into the main dining area, we got into the Christmas spirit on witnessing the beautiful Christmas tree and dim lights. We were ready to be surprised with the food and taken aback we were! Each dish reflected Gary Rhodes’ legendary dedication to his craft and relentless pursuit of perfection.

We started off with the exceptional WHITE TOMATO SOUP that is one of his signature amuse bouche’. This was just WOW! Served in a mini teacup, this delicate soup made of tomato water and cream was the highlight. I have never had something as mesmerizing as this before when it comes to soup.


From the Small Plates I indulged in the ASPARAGUS, PEAS, BROAD BEANS (D) (N) (V) (W) – AED 75

The combination was lovely and visually arresting. I loved the texture of the Asparagus soup and the small bite of cheese that came along with it. For someone who doesn’t indulge in European cuisine very often, this was pleasing and went down very well. Needless to say I was fascinated with my cup.


For mains, I had the RICOTTA AND SPINACH RAVIOLI (A) (D) (N) (V) (W) – AED 120


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