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Nouq proves Camel Milk Ice Creams can actually taste Fabulous

NOUQ crafts quality ice cream, chocolate pralines, hot chocolate from whole camel milk, in Dubai.

NOUQ is the world’s first premium brand of camel milk ice cream, chocolate pralines and hot chocolate powder mix, made in Dubai. They supply to 5-star hotels, restaurants and cafés across the UAE and are ready for exports to GCC countries and beyond.

Here are a few quick facts as to how they can be available:

– Visit them at the Dubai Food Festival Beach Canteen, first week Feb 24/28 – and tag @dubaifoodfest if you do
– Otherwise find them at weekly at Ripe Markets Zabeel and Barsha Pond Parks
– They now deliver to homes and offices
– Available at the Ripe Organic Shop on SZR

NOUQ is an Emirati company pioneering the art of camel milk desserts making. They have created a dozen creamy camel milk ice cream flavors with international and local flairs which can be enjoyed at select luxury hotels, restaurants and cafes in the UAE. The NOUQ collection also features the world’s first sand-colored creamy camel milk chocolate pralines in four popular flavors. Newly launched is the camel milk hot chocolate powder mix, made of real pieces of 50% dark Belgian chocolate to be melted in boiling water for an unctuous and light old-fashioned hot chocolate experience.

The camel milk is sourced locally in the UAE and goes through two types of pasteurization, which standardizes the taste and lets the minerals fully express themselves and complement the flavors harmoniously.

Why Camel Milk?

Camel milk is a staple ingredient in the Emirates culture, along with dates. Camel milk was essential for nutrition and good health in the nomadic diet. There is also an awakening to the health issues related to industrial cow’s milk, and to the benefits of hormone-free, vitamin and mineral-rich camel milk.

Camel milk has a superior nutritional value to cow’s milk. Camels graze on bushes, leaves and grass naturally and yield about 4L of hormone-free milk daily, whereas industrial cows eat corn and are pumped with hormones in order to produce over 30L of milk per day. This results in whole camel milk being richer in micronutrients from the animal’s plant-based diet, while being lower in calorie and cholesterol. The milk has antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, and is suitable for lactose-intolerant people.

This is a marriage made in heaven between camel milk and the flavors they develop. First, NOUQ uses pure whole pasteurized camel milk, unlike many industrial ice creams and chocolates that use milk powder. Whole camel milk provides the creaminess that lacks in milk powder and subsequently the unctuosity one wants when eating ice cream and chocolates. Second, due to its low fat content – some may find camel milk a bit watery – and high mineral content – some may find camel milk slightly salty -, camel milk acts as an ideal natural flavor enhancer. Too much fat acts as a coating in the mouth and disrupts the taste buds. Sodium plays harmoniously with certain flavors just like salt blends well with caramel.

I loved the Saffron flavour which was my favourite!

How did the business start? 

HH Sheikh Mohammed’s push for more innovation in the UAE, and local cooperation amongst Emirati businesses was the inspiration and motivation behind NOUQ inception. The country does not need to import everything that tastes good! NOUQ champions a local ingredient of historical significance, amid growing appetite for local food concepts. Quality food and creativity made in Dubai make the locals very proud and the tourists and expatriates increasingly curious.

Then, they were seduced by the potential and versatility of camel milk as a newly recognized superfood ingredient and decided to go to untested territories with a line of camel milk-based specialty food products that would delight people from many cultures.

Our company NOUQ is named after the Arabic “female camels”.

Why start in Dubai and what’s next?

Dubai is one of the most vibrant cosmopolitan city in the region, starting food trends and contributing to the global culinary landscape. With the city’s unprecedented support of food startups, it made sense to launch their brand here.

Their goal is to export the Emirates’ culinary excellence and food culture to the international scene. NOUQ has international ambitions in an increasingly sophisticated global market, and they are already in advanced discussions with partners in Oman, Qatar, Koweït, Saudi Arabia, India, UK, and America.

Where can we find NOUQ products?

NOUQ started just before Ramadan 2016 and it has been an immediate success with customers and buyers. Their flavours also include date, turkish coffee, chocolate, vanilla and unique arabic flavours.


Hotels: Their first client was the Oberoi Hotel Dubai and we now supply hotels and restaurants from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain to Ras Al-Khaimah. They also work with Emirates Palace, and now are found at Palazzo Versace, Raffles, and Ajman Palace.

Restaurants: Al Fanar and Seven Sands Emirati restaurants also chose to serve NOUQ ice cream.

Retail: Their first retail partner, the Ripe Organic Farm Shop in Al Manara, Dubai, carries the NOUQ ice cream cups.

Green Markets: They are serving over 300 customers each weekend at the Ripe Markets, Fridays at Zabeel Park and Saturdays at Al Barsha Pond Park.

Online: You can also order online at and other web stores.

Product Facts

NOUQ’s current product line includes Camel Milk Ice Cream, Chocolate Pralines, and a Hot Chocolate mix.

Ice Cream comes in 125ml cups, 2L tubs, 5L tubs.
Chocolate pralines are 10g each and come in 4pc and 16pc boxes.
Hot Chocolate comes in 300ml glass jars and in bulk for HoReCa.

About the Founders

Frederic has been working in the food industry for 15 years, and is uniquely positioned to create a gourmet food concept in the market.

Stephan has years of operational and marketing experience on Fortune 500 companies, and the skills needed to support the steady growth.

Contact – +971 52 514 9619

Website –


2 thoughts on “Nouq proves Camel Milk Ice Creams can actually taste Fabulous

  1. Thank you dear for this massive review! It is our mission to make a growing number of people smile and happy with our camel milk delicacies.
    Hope to see you at the Etisalat Beach Canteen (aka Dubai Food Festival) this weekend!


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