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11 Reasons your next Friday Brunch should be at Carnival By Tresind

Dubai’s Brunch scene is getting more and more popular by the day and people actually make an effort to get up on Fridays to go out to spend this precious time with friends and family!

Amongst the 1000s of brunches in Dubai, the latest and superbly innovative Brunch at Carnival By Tresind is a MUST VISIT! Amazing Live music and catering to both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians equally, here are the 11 reasons why your next Friday should be Brunch Day at Carnival.

1. Brunch As Lazily As You Want


Welcomed with Bubbles and a shot of Pink Pani Puri, Friday’s should be lazy and Carnival makes sure of that! Have you ever heard of a sit down brunch? No buffets, no long queues, no messy vessels to take food from! Here, your food is brought to you right on the table. With trolleys brought to your table for breads with amazing dips and desserts, you can eat as lazily as you want without moving a muscle! Except for pictures of course 🙂

2. Salad Is Made Live From Herbs In Pots


Inspite of being a Vegetarian, Salad is never my number 1 choice. But when my server told me I MUST opt for the salad, I was intrigued. Rolling up a trolley of fresh herbs and leaves in flower pots, Chef Himanshu made my salad live in front of my eyes! Leaves were plucked from different pots and my bowl of salad with dressings of Japanese Mayo and Chilli Sauce was assembled. It was one of the most brilliant salads I have ever come across. I even got to see a Purple Chilli Plant!!!

3. Savour on Canapes Like Never Before


A sectioned tray of unique Canapes is brought to your table! It had Mock Meat Kebabs, Roti Cookies with a Dal Mash, Palak Paneer Wontons (these were mind blowing), Spicy Edamame, Smoked Eggplant Puff. Being an Indian, seeing these culinary innovations in Indian cuisine is extremely inspiring!

4. Step Aside Dosa, The Newest Rage Is Dosa Waffle


I almost choked when I read the word Dosa Waffles! LIKE WHAT?!?! Seriously? Dude! You just won me over like a million times! Made from Dosa Batter, these waffles taste like Dosa but are crisp and are served with potato masala, sambhar and coconut chutney. For a dosa lover like me, this innovation was next level goodness!

5. Famous Indian Street Food Served Like Never Before


Whoever thought your Dahi Bhalla can be made with liquid nitrogen and Vada Pav will be presented from a box like the one used by Mill Workers in Mumbai! These unimaginable ways not only make the experience exciting but the taste of the dishes itself is nothing short of spectacular! They are both made live in front of you.

6. Have An Indoor Picnic


Carnival’s very popular Family Picnic Meal which is served in plastic tiffin boxes (to depict how most Indians carry their meals to picnics) is a part of this menu and that itself is an entire meal on it’s own!

7. For Those Who Love their Mains And Rice, There Is Something For You Too


After all this, you can still choose from curries and biryani. I skipped the Biryani and had Rasgulla Curry which was very different! The sweetness from the rasgullas was drained and these were served as dumplings in a thick, creamy gravy. It was delish! Another option was Dum Aloo which was amazing as I savored on fried pieces of potato in a thick curry. Hot Naans are served along with these.

8. Enjoy Desserts Like The Royals


Other than the dessert trolley which is rolled out to your table consisting of red velvet croissants, macaroons, mousse, cupcakes and so much more, you also get to experience the live making of Gajak which is made with different sauces and scoops of ice cream in a ball shattered in front of you. This is truly a feast to the eyes!

9. Have Sangria From Tree Branches


OK! I love a good glass of traditional Sangria but seeing it presented like this here made me want to get drunk on this! Best creation ever of serving alcohol!

10. Let’s Be Honest, For All This, The Price Is A Steal

Priced at 190++ pp for non alcoholic packages and 289++ pp for alcoholic packages, these prices are a Steal for the amount of food you get to eat and the experience of most of the dishes being made live in front of you! And you can call for the dishes an unlimited number of times! No wonder that smile above 🙂 TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

11. Chef Himanshu Saini


This name alone should be enough to bring you here! If you don’t know him by now, you are probably living under a rock! Winner of countless awards and one of the BEST chefs Dubai has seen, Chef Himanshu and his team have magic hands! I have been to Tresind and Carnival by Tresind more than 20 times together and they always outdo themselves whether it’s the service, the food, the quality or the quantities! If you have to impress someone, it better be here!

PRICES – AED 190++ PP without ALCOHOL / AED 289++ with ALCOHOL

TIMINGS – Every Friday from 12 PM – 5 PM

CONTACT – 04 2759071. Table booking recommended

LOCATION – Podium Level, Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai



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