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Bloggerang Hosts Travel Meetup in Partnership with Musafir

Musafir an Internet-based travel agency partnered with Bloggerang to host an evening full of wanderlust at Pantry Café in Bay Square Mall.

The wanderlust themed meetup promoted the hashtag #musafirwanderlust by hosting an educational Q&A session on blogging tips provided by Thuymi Do and Mitch Hyde, the adventurous travel bloggers’ couple from @adventurefaktory. Thuymi and Mitch have been working together for two years creating content for travel brands and concepts around the world.

pic 2

During the talk, they shared insightful tips on blogging and travel collaborations. “We focus a lot in our blog traffic. Around 60% of our traffic comes from SEO techniques that we apply so we truly recommend to pay attention to that. The number of followers on Instagram it’s not the only metric that can determine the success of your blog” Thuymi mentioned while sharing some additional tips including do’s and don’ts for new bloggers.

Post hearing the engaging talks of both speakers, the bloggers got the opportunity to listen to a panel organized by Musafir in which they shared the latest insights about the travel industry.

The event ended with an exciting contest to earn a holiday trip to Armenia won by Abeer Acero, the creative lifestyle blogger behind @lookingforabura. This was my entry:

The Bloggerang Travel Meetup was a fun evening filled with collective content creation, networking and a spirit of wanderlust. To learn more about this event, you may follow the hashtags #musafirwanderlust and #wecollaborate.

High Resolution Photography in the ink below:

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