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A Beautiful Iftar at Jodhpur, Roda Al Murooj

With Indian and North Indian cuisines as delicacies, and an extremely romantic place to dine in, Jodhpur located in Roda Al Murooj, Downtown Dubai, is a place with striking interiors and a modernistic take on Indian cuisine. And what can be a better time than Ramadan to relish a beautiful set menu, with your loved ones and friends.

Jodhpur brings you the fine dining experience, and also services like full bar, and Iftar menu during Ramadan, valet parking and both vegetarian and non vegetarian menus priced at AED 199, all inclusive. Clean presentations and ecstatic décor will win your hearts at once. 

You will feel like Royalty because of the beautiful ambiance and marvelous service. Beneath the advent of a new royal in me was still a kid frantically waiting to gorge on the delicacies curated by Chef Pradeep and his team.


Coming to the dishes, my pre-starters were dates with different textures. Stuffed dates with Rice Crisps, Dark Chocolate & coated with Coconut Milk Powder & Feuilletine made for perfect appetizers.


Then came in the amuse-bouche, the very famous Macaron Chaat. Chaat is typically a popular Indian snack available everywhere in most parts of India, from streets vendors to expensive dining places. The Macaron Chaat here gives a burst of flavors –  soft Macaron shell stuffed with a tangy cream with all the elements like sweet, sour, crunchy, and chewy that you will devour. It is generally made with Almond flour, Lecithin, Albumen, Hung Yoghurt, Lime Powder, Onions, Coriander Roots, and seasoning which gives it a perfect blend.

My favourite dish was the appetizer which looked like a Mandarin. You could never guess what was on the inside! Red Kidney Bean Hummus, Mandarin Skin, Toasted Bread was what I was about to relish. It was a Hummus Sphere coated with Orange juice jelly serving as a doppelganger to a Mandarin Orange, served with toasted bread slice. It was divine!


This was followed by Nadru Galette with the popular Mooli Akhrot Chutney, Red Quinoa & Wild Mushroom Tikki , Kolivada Prawn tossed in onion chili masala with Wasabi Beetroot Dip, Beef Kofta which had spherical beef cuts drizzled with Strawberry Chili Chutney, Black Carrot Kebab which was stuffed with cheese and yogurt served with Sesame & Peanut Dip, Lamb Haleem which had a variety of toppings that included 24 hours cooked Lamb Haleem, seasoned with fresh herbs & spices topped up with assorted toppings like onions, potato wool, coriander roots, lemon juice & browned onions. All the non veg dishes were enjoyed by my husband.

After these starters, what I looked forward to was the Mango, Cranberry & Kaffir Lime Sorbet, a fresh mango sorbet palate cleanser with kaffir lime leaves and de-hydrated Cranberries. 

Now, all ready for the main course, the hubby got treated with ghee roast mutton boti cooked in onion tomato masala with a coconut base and adorned with dosai crisps which arrived in all its grandeur.

This was followed by spinach kofta served over a bed of crispy rice and yummy makhani sauce. Then came the pinwheel basil paneer made of cottage cheese served with Pukhtan curry made of bottle gourd, green cardamom and cashews. 

Interestingly, just like we try to make dal makhani healthy at home, I liked the faux dal makhani which was moong dal so it is light, and does not make you bloat, as generally urad dal is heavy to digest. 

The shining star apart from all these was the Chur-Chur kulcha, a tandoor cooked bread with cottage cheese, onions, and cumin seeds, whole wheat as base crumbled with hands, so that you don’t count your roti’s and just keep eating till you are full. Many Indian mothers crumble Chapattis or flat wheat breads this way. This had a very homely Indian touch added to it.

My mind, always lingering for desserts, asked for more. Two beautiful desserts made way to my heart straight from the moment I saw them. Mango two ways topped with fresh Alphonso mango made of cheesecake and Kulfi, topped with sesame glass garnishing. My hubby loved this since he is a big fan of Mangoes!


I loved the caramelized banana barrel over a sticky burfi which is a chewy pudding topped with cinnamon ice cream. I ate the entire dish! It was beautiful and light.

For all those wanting a sumptuously delicious feast during Ramadan, I highly recommend Jodhpur!

Cost Per Person: AED 199
6:30 PM to 2:00 AM (Sun-Sat)
AED 199 all inclusive special Ramadan set menu. A la carte menu available post 9pm.

Phone number – 04 3559846. Table booking recommended

Address – Roda Al Murooj, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

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