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LVL Lashes: The Lash Lift Treatment Celebrities Love

Browz, the Middle East’s exclusive salon for eyebrow treatments, offers LVL lashes, a great alternative for darker, curled eyelashes.

With naturally curly, long lashes on everyone’s wish list Browz’s exclusive LVL Lashes, the lash lift treatment is giving extensions and false lashes the boot.

Celebrities, including likes of Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Mila Kunis have been showcasing seriously long lashes on the red carpet, everyone’s in hot pursuit of flutter-worthy lashes.

LVL stands for Length- Volume- Lift, and the treatment is more advanced and efficient than traditional lash perms. LVL straightens the eyelashes out from the root and allows it to reach its fullest potential by looking longer and thicker.

Founder and Owner of Browz Salon Michele Barclay, says, “LVL is designed to enhance the natural lashes by giving the illusion of length, volume and lift, and the tinting darkens the natural lashes to create a more striking look.”

As opposed to curling which tends to shorten and restrict lashes, this treatment aims to help them stretch out. Since the lashes are being treated from the root, the results are instant and long lasting.

Michele adds, “Unlike costly and time-consuming semi-permanent fake lashes, LVL is relatively quick and cost-effective.”

A team of highly qualified and experienced staff performs the 45-minute, non-invasive treatment in the gentlest of methods, causing no pain. Clients who are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin undergo a patch test before the treatment.

LVL treatments can last anywhere between 6-8 weeks and the length of time is largely dependent on the health and condition of natural lashes. Also, unlike perming, LVL lashes does not dry the eyelashes out or weaken them, making LVL lashes a completely safe and approved for use.

My Review – 

I was invited to try a LVL treatment which lasted about 20 minutes. Below are a few pictures of the experience.


It has been a week since I got the treatment and my lashes are still curled and look like I have mascara on even in the night 🙂

Check out this pic of my lashes –

I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who have droopy lashes like I do. It’s completely worth it!

About Browz

Opened in 2015, Browz is the Middle East’s first premium brow bar dedicated to perfecting the arch, colour, and consistency of the eyebrows. Bringing the UK’s most talked about treatments to the UAE, Browz offers a broad range of bespoke treatments to its patrons.

The award-winning team of brow experts, spearheaded by Michele Barclay, specialise in treatments such as feathered micro blading, High Definition Brows (HD Brows), 3D semi-permanent makeup, lip blush, eye define, and the Ombre brow technique. Using the latest in brow technology, including face mapping and precision machines, the brow bar also provides specialised treatment, LVL lashes, and makeup services.

Browz is open from 10am to 10pm (Saturday to Wednesday) and 10am to 12am (Thursday to Friday) and is located at The Mall, Umm Sequim 3 (Opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel).

Instagram: @browz.uae

Contact Browz: +971 4 321 4828 or

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