This month NStyle Beauty Lounge are set to launch Forlle’d – a range of super scientific skincare products and facial treatments in two of their flagship locations from 21st May 2017 at The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

Developed and Founded in Japan by Dr. Makoto Hattoo, a microbiologist obsessed with minerals, Forlle’d uses ground breaking scientific research to help combat anti-ageing. Dr. Makoto Hattoo also owns 50% of the world’s mineral rights, so it is safe to say he knows a thing or two when it comes to scientific skincare! So much so, that he won the Nobel Prize in 2002 for the ground breaking technology that laid down the foundation for the development of Forlle’d products!


The result, a unique patented ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid so small it penetrates further into the epidermis than any skincare product has ever gone before! The low-molecular Hyalurinic Acid in combination with ironised essential minerals deliver vital ingredients non-invasively deep into the layers of the skin, with the affinity to absorb moisture up to 6000 times its weight, postponing both the chronological and photo-ageing of the skin at a dermal level.

Along with the full product range, NStyle will launch two customised facial treatments – NStyle will be launching two types of facial treatment from the Forlle’d range. The Intensive Hydration and Anti-Wrinkle and Oxygen. Both facial treatments are approximately 60-80 minutes starting from AED 600. The “Individual Beauty Laboratory” approach, resolves skin concerns of each individual and giving a unique client experience. The one of a kind formula of Forlle’d products makes them a perfect choice in fighting anti-ageing for any skin type and from any age.

Intensive Hydration prevents dehydration and maintain the optimal moisture balance of the skin, ensuring the client is glowing all summer long and has the perfect base for a dewy, plump complexion reducing dryness and tightening of the skin through stimulating cell renewal and preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-Wrinkle Oxygen is an ideal start to any skincare regime! It prepares skin beautifully, especially for ladies who undergo aesthetic or cosmetic surgery. The main principle of the treatment is to combat puffiness of which can be used as a pre or post survey treatment for instant results!

Women can expect proven anti-ageing with depth of wrinkles reduced up to 40%, skin moisture increased up to 96% and skin elasticity enhanced up to 55%. The core effects and benefits of Forlle’d products and treatments include:

  • Restores mineral balance of the skin
  • Reduces dryness, fine lines and pigmentation
  • Natural biostimulation and long lasting hydration
  • Postpones chronological and photo-agening
  • Increases produticity of collagen and elastin
  • Pronounced anti-oxident activity
  • No cause of blackhead formation
  • Universal for all ages and skin types


Users will see visible regenerative effect and improvement of skin structure after the very first treatment! Stable visible effects will be achieved after 1 week of regular use and after 28 days changes in the quality of skin can be seen. After two months of product usage the client will begin to see superb long-lasting results!

The Forlle’d range includes forty nine products for professional and home-care use including cleanser, lotions, serums, masks and creams ranging from 195AED – 1395 AED all containing the key “Hyaology” ingredient available at NStyle The Dubai Mall and NStyle Mall of Emirates.

For beautiful hydrated and smoother skin for summer contact 800-NStyle or visit for bookings and enquiries.

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