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Lanza Hair Treatment at Re Salon Spas

Always make room for beauty in yourself. When you look after yourself, you start loving your body, mind and soul.

The Re Salon Spas in Dubai gives you a lovely deal – to relax, rejuvenate and rediscover your true self. After all , who doesn’t love to get pampered? Nothing better than good salon services after a long and tiring day at work. You can find Re Salon Spas in Dubai Marina, opposite Le Royal Meridian, another one at Jumeirah Sunset Mall, and one in Dubai International City. It is a contemporary place with calm blue décor. The suave look of the interiors compliment the services par excellence.


They say, “beauty is not just seen but sensed”. Rightly said!

For those looking for a perfect hair treatment, the Lanza treatment at Re Salon Spas here in Dubai is a must try for all. Especially for us who live in Dubai, we are always toiling in the harsh sun and extreme heat. The scorching heat takes away many essential oils from your skin and hair. The hard sun can cause problems for your hair specifically. I tried the Healing Range.


The olden day theory of keeping hair oiled while going out in the Sun does not hold much sense today with most of us having a busy 24/7 schedule. Imagine going to a meeting with oil chapped hair and a sweaty oily face (haha!); just not what you would want to do. The Lanza treatment came to my rescue. It provided shine and re-hydrated my hair with the required moisture to give me one lustrous, glowing mane. At just AED 170 combined with blow dry, the Lanza treatment for hair is good when done at least once a week. I couldn’t stop touching my silky smooth hair after the treatment.


Did you know there is also a free hair consultation at Re Salon Spas? Especially before the treatment, they will assess the type of hair and then wash, mask and treat your hair.

With services like a spa at home, it stands out in it’s own distinct way. One can also try services that include massages and facials to ‘re-claim’ the long lost charm and to invigorate all body Chakras. The blissful aromatic oils create their own enchantment. Corporate wellness is another add on for people working tirelessly in corporate sectors.

With an array of must tries, Re Salon Spas provide exceptional services with precision.

Phone Number – 600 522557

Address – Opposite Le Royal Meridien, Dubai Marina

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