Pamper your designer handbags and shoes at Champion Cleaners Bag & Shoe Spa

Champion Cleaners is the 5-star premium dry cleaning and laundry services of the UAE. It uses fully automatic state of the art washing and dry cleaning systems with automatic dosing units and the most innovative green technologies, the best spotting agents in the industry for treatment of fragile and expensive fibers and textiles and has a long-term partnership with Diversey Lever, the global number 1 washing detergent company.

It also provides a wide range of valued services such as: bag and shoes cleaning & preservation, wedding gown cleaning & preservation, leather cleaning, carpet & upholstery cleaning, permanent garment creasing and soft toy cleaning.


Customers’ convenience is top of mind, with free pickup and delivery service with pay port options (so customers can pay via credit card at their door step), and android, iPhone and web applications.

Most designer handbags and accessories are prone to scuffs, fading and stains from everyday life. Which is why it is essential to ensure that your accessories are revived and restored regularly. Champion Cleaners leather protection program guards against all major stains and enhances the color vibrancy.


The experts at Champion Cleaners make sure to repair and recondition leather products until they return to their original beauty. Their proprietary leather care products are best known for their safe ingredients which are suitable for the most delicate leathers, including unfinished leathers and exotic materials.


I was taken around a tour of their facility in DIP and their intricacy blew my mind. Everything was being done extremely hygienically and with utmost care. They had a dedicated section for each service and the finesse with which your items are packed in the end was remarkable. They almost look like brand new products gift wrapped and sent to you.

Since its launch in 1997, Champion Cleaners built a network of 46 outlets strategically located in community malls and convenience stops across the UAE.  For more information, please visit or call +9714 – 2858581.

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