Herbal Essentials – Natural Essentials for your Skin

In these times when festivities are just around the corner, something that gets missed in all the excitement is skin care. A gem for skin care products and beauty, Herbal Essentials has come a long way.

It believes in making modern day beauty solutions effortless, by combining ancient Ayurveda and memorabilia about herbs and natural minerals. The products available in the Herbal Essentials range are perfect to cure day to day skin misery.

I was ecstatic about the skin consultation that was done for me in the recent event at Penrose Lounge in Four Seasons Hotel in DIFC hosted by TishTash. Daily work and heat takes a toll on our skin. Most importantly, the ill-effects of pollutants and stress usually gets neglected. So after the consultation, my worries were less as I was given a kit to try and I was amazed by the products.

Herbal Essentials uses the effective blend of natural ingredients with pure Himalayan spring water that helps in skin repair and regeneration. They have a wide range of products for face and body. For face, there are special categories to choose from, based on how sensitive your skin type is, the amount of oiliness or dryness, radiance, lines and wrinkles, to name a few.  For body, there are body care and sun care ranges available. The combination of ancient wisdom and beauty tips works like magic for modern day consumers.

I got my hands on an exciting range of products to try. Post the skin consultation and analysis, I used some of the products. Here are those products and my take on them:

herbal essentials

Herbal Essentials Sun Screen lotion SPF 30 – This is a non greasy lotion, every woman’s must have for summers. It has a broad spectrum filter that offers UVA/UVB protection. It also keeps the skin hydrated at the same time. It has to be used 30 minutes prior to going out in the open. An impressive product, this has now become my favorite go to sunscreen.

Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 – This is another favorite I have from the Herbal Essentials range. It has to be used 30 minutes prior to Sun exposure. It is oil based but non greasy and easy to carry. It’s a vital product in every woman’s handbag especially for the body if you don’t wish to use oil on your face for daily wear.

Skin Toner – The skin toner has a blend of cucumber and rose water extracts. It smells fragrant and fresh. The product is alcohol free, so does not make the skin dry. It has calming and soothing properties. The ingredients used make the skin fresh and clear.  A great product indeed. This toner can be used in the daily cleansing-toning-exfoliation routine. I love the smelll of rose water and how amazing this makes my skin feel.

Defense Cream – This rich and luxurious day cream is formulated with a unique blend of natural oils, including Wheat Germ Oil, a rich source of natural Vitamin E, renowned for its high nutrient content. Its superior moisturizing and soothing ingredients are widely acclaimed for their role in achieving beautifully conditioned skin, making it a perfect choice for your daily skin regimen.

Under Eye Gel – This is a wonder product for all skin types. With the goodness of honey and cooling properties of Aloe Vera, it can be used any time of the day, and leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed. An exceptional product to use especially for those puffy eyes.

All Herbal Essentials products are:

  • Certified Paraben-free and Paraffin-free
  • Sulphate and Soap-free
  • Not Tested on Animals

All Herbal Essentials products can be bought online on

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