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Logma – Modernistic Emirati

I was invited here for an Iftar and considering it’s an Emirati cuisine restaurant I was very skeptical about the veg options. All those who eat non veg will probably never understand how a vegetarian feels in a restaurant which is so popular for its non vegetarian food that all you are left wondering is why can’t the veg food be as good.

Why the mediocrity when it comes to something which is much more easier to make! But when you go to Logma, you are rewarded for being a vegetarian. I know that may sound over the top but I genuinely mean it. Considering it’s a cuisine a normal vegetarian would never think of trying thinking it might be good only for the non veg crowd, Logma comes as a refreshing experience for those who think that the limitations of vegetarian food are just so much.

Our experience started off with the friendly staff explaining the menu to us and offering their suggestions on what is most popular. I was taken aback and happy by the many veg options they had.


We opted for the cheese samboosa which is a crisp samosa stuffed with cream cheese and small bits of Oman chips. Add the traditional oman chips to any dish and you will be left longing for more. Only those who have grown up in Dubai can relate to the taste and memories associated with Oman chips. This dish was AMAZING! Highly recommended. The combination of the entire mixture was super.

Then came the Logma fries which are extremely popular here and rightly so with all the Arabian spices and crispy spinach. Thin crisp fries made the dish perfect.

We also tried the pomegranate mozzarella and quinoa salads both of which were really good and healthy. I liked the pomegranate mozzarella one more due to some sauce being mixed into it which was bursting with flavours.

Their sandwiches are made in traditional Arabic bread which is soft and actually tastes good. I tried the Egg Paratha and the Oman Chips roll and both were great!

Lastly for dessert we had the new Nutella Banana Paratha which was absolutely amazing! Not too sweet and delicious!

We were also given to try the trio ice cream which consisted of lemon saffron, karak and date flavours. I loved the date and karak the most! Very unique.

And finally I washed it all down with their famous karak chai. I did need one more packet of sugar but it was bliss! Felt so good after all that i had eaten. We also tried the Saudi coffee which none of us unfortunately liked as it was overpowering with spices but only a true Emirati will probably appreciate the taste.

The ambience is modernly traditional and i absolutely loved all the Emirati elements. I was very happy to hear they will be adding a veg option in their Rice section because I could smell the amazing aroma and see the wonderful texture of the rice in the shrimp rice my sister ordered.

This place is a true gem for all those vegetarians who want to try something new. I am taking my full family back there soon.

Phone number – 80056462. Table booking recommended

Cuisines – Emirati

Cost – AVERAGE AED 180 for two people (approx.). Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours – 6 PM to 3 AM

Address – BOXPARK, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, Dubai 

Highlights – Breakfast, Home Delivery, Outdoor Seating, Wifi, Kid Friendly

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