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The Nail Spa, Jumeirah Beach Road

For those who believe that beauty isn’t just about having a pretty face and that their hands and nails play an equally vital role in how you present yourself, behold, as I have found a must visit place to help you treat your nails right.

This is all about ‘The Nail Spa’ located on Jumeirah Beach road. TNS is a local beauty institution renowned for its expertise in the art of beauty, relaxation, calmness and excellence. They search the finest products to continuously add to their fabulous collection.

The magazines call them “a notch above other nail spots” because till the time they don’t leave you eye-sparkling, or make you skip a step, grinning from ear-to-ear, they don’t feel satisfied about how they serviced you and your beautiful nails.


Their spa environment has been painstakingly designed and refined over the years to create the perfect mood for you to feel completely relaxed. Talking about their beauty products, they never settle for something less than what’s the world’s best. The relentless drive to offer the best has made them grow from just hands and feet to now offering a wonderful experience for your whole body. They provide therapeutic treatments for hands and feet, facials and body massages, waxing, threading, and eyelash and eyebrow tinting.

They promise to truly make you feel special. Walk ins are welcomes with a smile but it’s fair to serve those who book first. While starting to get your nails done, the fun part is to pick your colour from over 160 Essie colours, plus the stunning range of gel colours. And after all this, it’s just the perfect time for you to breathe deeply, soak in the fragrances and just sit back and relax to enjoy your treatment to the fullest. The nail treatments that you will be offered will be on their special mani-pedi chairs designed to give you the best comfort.


For girls who love their nails the most and hate it when a bit of the nail paint smudges, they have a special staff member standing by your side to help you pay and manage your things before the nail paint is applied.

I went to get my Evo Gel Nails done which last for about a tenure of two weeks at the cost of AED 150. And this is done on your original nails. So for someone like me who doesn’t like their nails to be kept too long, this is just perfect!


Moving to their Art Bar. I got nail art done on four of my nails which were for about AED 15 upwards depending upon the design you go for. The designs were so good that I had people asking me for days where did i get my Glitter Burqa done from, or the nail which says I AM HAPPY suited my Insta profile 🙂

My overall experience about the place was beyond expectations. The staff welcome you with a beautiful smile and the freshness and cleanliness makes you fall in love. You know what’s the best part? No matter how much hurry you are in you will never see them rushing with their work and they won’t let you escape till they feel they have given you the best.

So girls make some time for yourself and get yourself treated with the best.

Address – Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, UAE
Phone – 600 544001
Hours – 9AM–10PM

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