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KeraStraight Intense Boost

This revolutionary intensive conditioning treatment promises to leave hair silky-smooth and soft to the touch.

Intense Boost utilises KeraStraight’s latest ground breaking Protein and Moisture Masks which have been designed to repair, re-hydrate and renew hair from the inside out. Each has been formulated using the same world leading protein technology as KeraStraight family of Treatments to ensure your hair is in the optimum condition.


Intense Boost rebuilds what the hair lacks and locks in moisture and strength for up to 30 days to leave you with head-turning, luscious hair.

I was Invited to try a treatment at Pastels Salon, Jumeirah and even though my hair is generally straight, I absolutely loved how much moisture, shine and sleekness it gave to my hair.

The treatment is wonderful without the use of harmful chemicals and leaves your hair manageable. I would recommend it to all those who are looking for fuss free, beautiful hair.

This is a time of reflection and rejuvenation, and your hair should not be forgotten!
Make a resolution to have silky smooth hair with the KS Ultimate treatment, dubbed the FOUR MONTH blow-dry!

After a long year and busy festive season, our hair’s health can suffer. The KS Ultimate treatment is the perfect solution to transform even the most difficult of hair. If you suffer from:
 Dry or damaged hair
 Frizzy or wavy hair
 Hair that is too thick/takes too long to manage

Then KeraStraight is the treatment for you, offering smooth hair till spring! As the year begins afresh, treat your hair to its very own renewal and prepare to be amazed by the results. The Benefits:
 Suitable for all hair types including coloured hair
 Straightens and repairs simultaneously
 Eliminates frizz
 Strengthens hair from root to tip
 Humidity resistant
 Formaldehyde free
 A finish that lasts for up to 4 months

KeraStraight’s advanced protein technology is a game changer in the hair care industry. The unique treatment repairs and rebuilds the hair, leaving it healthy, straighter and stronger. Gorgeous has never been so easy! So if you make one New Year’s resolution this year, ensure it is to have KS Ultimate treatment. Your hair will thank you for it.

Price: From AED1000

Available at Pastels Salon, Ted Morgan, Salon Ink and JetSet.

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