Zero Waste UAE – Let’s Reduce Waste

On the occasion of Earth Day Sustainability Tribe, UAE’s pioneering sustainable lifestyle blog launched #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative with the aim of reducing waste and targeting healthier and more sustainable lifestyle in UAE. The launch event of this awareness initiative was hosted by Pullman Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Towers, part of the Accor Hotels Group who are proud supporter of #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative.

To mark the #ZeroWasteUAE launch Pullman JLT specially created a zero waste beetroot shooters, which their chef prepared out of a whole beetroot avoiding any waste.

zero waste

During the launch Amruta Kshemkalyani, Sustainability Expert & Founder of Sustainability Tribe & #ZeroWasteUAE presented UAE’s waste facts based on figures collected in 2015. UAE creates 6 million tonnes of Municipal waste out of which 75% ended up in landfills. Out of UAE’s Total Municipal Waste, 53% was collected in Dubai, followed by Abu Dhabi, which collected around 28% and then Sharjah collected about 9%. #ZeroWasteUAE initiative at this stage is not addressing waste coming from other sources like construction, agriculture, industrial waste. This awareness initiative is focusing only on Municipal waste which comes from household, retails, businesses, institutions & public places, where we all contribute to waste.

Amruta then highlighted how waste ending up in landfills is waste of resources and is not just affecting our environment but also our health. But it is possible for us to stop the waste going to landfills, if we take right steps and that is the main goal of #ZeroWasteUAE initiative. She added, if we anyways need to take efforts to create awareness & better infrastructure for recycling in UAE then why not target on root cause, which is generating waste.

Amruta started attempting Zero waste lifestyle in early 2016 and started finding it difficult to find reusable, sustainable products in local market. She searched for such products and services and found few which didn’t have regular supply of such products. She confessed that she hasn’t reached “Zerowaste” mark yet but that is because lack of Zero waste infrastructure in UAE. Even her readers who were following her zero waste efforts started asking regular questions about sustainable products. As mostly such resuable, sustainable products are either not regularly available or their availability is not known t people who are intesrted to buy them. That when she realized need of creating such Zero Waste Infrastructure knowledge base in UAE and that is how #ZeroWasteUAE initiative was born.

#ZeroWasteUAE initiative will not just create awareness in society through Sustainability Tribe, but will also connect businesses who have products or services which can help reducing waste to people to create a Zero waste infrastructure. #ZeroWasteUAE initiate will also create a business community where businesses interested in reducing waste can find business who offer solutions. #ZeroWasteUAE will be soon launching a business directory to give platform to #ZeroWasteUAE business community, which will be also accessed by consumers.

While giving examples of businesses around the world who have reduced waste either in their manufacturing facilities or service facilities she highlighted how businesses can reduce cost of running by reducing waste. Zero waste can also help businesses to market & brand better than competitors

You will be soon finding more guidelines, tried & tested hacks of #ZeroWasteUAE founder to reduce waste in UAE on her blog under #ZeroWasteUAE initiative.  While sharing her experience of reducing waste for more than a year, she said, “It was difficult at start, especially when you are in a consumer’s paradise like UAE. But with determination & constant efforts I found ways to reduce waste.” She added how her quality of life increased and she started saving on cost of living after she started going zero waste. Plus when you go plastic free and use only sustainable products your health starts improving. She also shared her #nofashionshopping resolution of year 2017, which saves so much time as she isn’t doing mall hopping and window shopping as well.

Who can join the initiative? Basically anyone who contributes to waste can join & learn about reducing waste. For example individuals, families, educational institutions, small & large business and media can join #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative.

There will be regular #ZeroWasteUAE awareness events & business community events will be organized with the aim of creating a community. More developments are planned under #ZeroWasteUAE initiative and will be implemented as the awareness will raise in society.

Where to find about #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative


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Instagram –

Use Hastags- #ZeroWasteUAE & #sustainabilitytribe


About #ZeroWasteUAE Initiave Partners

  1. Accor Hotels Group have their internal sustainability goals set through their Planet 21 sustainable development program

  1. Italian Food Masters- Agent of Urban cultivator, a zero mile meal indoor hydroponic solution

  1. Water Club- Multistage tap water filters to reduce need of bottled water

  1. My Green Chapter- Online shop for indoor & outdoor urban farming solutions for UAE households

  1. My Organic Baby Shop- Online shop with reusable products


About Sustainability Tribe

Sustainability Tribe is UAE’s pioneering sustainable lifestyle blog by a passionate sustainability expert, spreading sustainability & environmental awareness in UAE since 2009. Founder of Sustainability Tribe & #ZeroWasteUAE Initiative, Amruta Kshmekalyani who is been working in the field of sustainable development since more than 8 years. She not just uses her expertise in the field to create a sustainability dialogue in society but also shares her tried & tested experience of living sustainable in UAE and is UAE’s top Sustainability Influencer. She is an Eco-educator & delivers Eco Talks in schools.


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