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Benefits of Bio-Oil We Bet You Didn’t Know

Since I became pregnant, the one product I have been looking forward to use is Bio Oil as a lot of my mommy friends highly recommended it. But since I first started using it, I have discovered a LOT more benefits of this miracle oil than just for avoiding stretch marks. Here are 3 reasons why you should be using Bio Oil even if you are not pregnant.

For the Face

Perfectly safe for the face, if you use it as a daily moisturiser it is amazing for anti ageing and to improve an uneven skin tone.

For Stretch Marks

Start using Bio Oil to improve skin elasticity so you won’t get stretch marks during pregnancy. However if you haven’t used anything since the time you became pregnant and have started noticing stretch marks, slather this luscious oil on immediately to treat it.

For Scars

Whether its acne scars or surgical scars, Bio Oil helps in the reduction of these after using it religiously for approx 8 weeks.

bio oil

Bio Oil is an extremely popular drug store product known for its skincare remedies. Made with rosemary and chamomile oils and enriched with vitamins A and E, it’s one of the biggest skincare buys in the world and has rightly achieved cult beauty product status due to its skin healing and repairing properties.


Are you a fan of Bio Oil? leave me a comment below to let me know why you love it!

Bio Oil can be found in all leading pharmacies in the UAE and in drugstores in Canada.

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