Product Review

Feli’s Kitchen – A Fabulous Addition To A Mom’s Life

Healthy, easy to make, and hassle-free, Feli’s Kitchen products aims to save time for moms so they can spend more time with their family.

Feli’s Kitchen is a home-grown brand that provides ready-to-cook meals so
families have more time to spend together. Each of Feli’s meal is super simple to cook and are prepared using top quality ingredients. From big pies that you can share with the whole family to quick and tasty snacks to share with friends and appealing for the kids. Their ready-to-cook range can go from freezer to plate in less than an hour.


Feli’s has 3 product ranges: Savory, sweet and “Do it yourself” dough range. Feli’s products are easy to make, hassle free, healthy, delicious and saves time. They use top-quality ingredients which is emphasized on the packs. For instance, all
products with cheese use real feta cheese.


Their products are available in all leading supermarkets including Carrefour, Liffco, Abu Dhabi Co-op and Ajman Co-op. For more information, follow Feli’s product, on Instagram: feliskitchen, Facebook: feliskitchen and Website:

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