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Cinnabon – Your Perfect Sweet Ending

Cinnabon is indeed the sweetest place on earth – because it serves cinnamon rolls like no other! A bakery with warm fragrance of cinnamon , hot and delicious coffee, and the best baked buns in town. They have everything to cater, from rolls to chilled drinks, to ice creams.  Even if one doesn’t have a sweet tooth, this place will make anyone fall in love with their fresh and hot baked delicacies. This place is perfect for desserts and for all kinds of cravings for sweets.

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Boombalambuz Cafe – One Stop Shop for Freakshakes

In the ever growing dining scene of Dubai, there are many places for desserts. However, having a one stop shop for freakshakes is not something which is common and this latest dessert shop from Azerbaijan should definitely be on your list of must visits!

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Morelli’s Gelato, Mall of the Emirates

The new Morelli’s Gelato anchors the opening of arguably the world’s finest cinema at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

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UK’s famous Lick FroYo is now at Dessert Island, Kite Beach

Lick frozen yogurt is now one of the many delicious options at Dessert Island, who pride themselves in creating the most exceptional gelato’s in Dubai.

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GODIVA Unveils New Collection in Celebration of the Festive Season

Luxury Belgian Chocolatier, GODIVA, has launched its latest bespoke assortment of premium chocolates across all boutiques and cafes across the UAE, just in time for the festive season. The new limited edition collection encompasses a colourful range of fine Belgian chocolates that are packaged and designed to capture the holiday spirit.

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divan – Turkey’s Leading Dessert Connoiseur Comes To Dubai Mall With Opening Of Divan Patisserie

Dessert lovers have another reason to celebrate as Turkey’s leader in luxurious chocolate and fine Turkish Sweets – Divan Patisserie, launched their first Dubai store in Dubai Mall on the 26th of October.

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Scoopi – Your gateway to Heaven!

A family owned and operated company since it began, Scoopi has its retail stores in Jumeirah Beach Road and Marina Mall.

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