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Peppermill, DFC – An Unforgettable Experience

Peppermill is a brand well known and serves authentic North Indian cuisine. For the longest time, it was enjoyed for it’s traditional curries and especially the Biryani’s.

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SpiceKlub – Redefining Indian Cuisine with Molecular Gastronomy

Located in the hustling and bustling location of Mankhool, SpiceKlub is a welcoming respite from our classic Indian dishes. An all vegetarian restaurant, even a non veg lover will fall in love with the dishes here! How can i be so sure? My hard core non veg eating hubby was proof enough when i saw him gulp down the food here.

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Jodhpur Royal Dining – Your guide to Vegetarian Awesomeness in one of Dubai’s finest Restaurants

There is nothing like walking into a restaurant that makes you feel Royalty and serves food even better than what would be fit for a King!

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Royal Mughal – Food so Epic, Wars were Fought over It

If there was a rating more than 5, I would give them that! Their food, service, freshness is all more than you can imagine and this is hands down the BEST bistro style Indian food I have ever had!

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Asha’s, Wafi – Asha Bhosle’s Birthday Celebrations with Kebab and Biryani Festival

Asha Bhosle an internationally acclaimed artiste of iconic status is the “Most Recorded Artiste” in music history, popular for generations, and still touring globally her ever-green appeal captivates millions. Asha’s numerous awards include the BBC Lifetime Achievement Award (presented by the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair), Asha is the current holder of the Guinness World Record ‘Most Recorded Artiste in the world’. Moreover the Dubai International Film Festival recognized Asha’s outstanding merit by awarding her in 2014 a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

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Govinda’s launches Vegan Menu

Govinda’s has become the pioneer when it comes to healthy Indian food. Their satvik food which is without onion and garlic has been branched out into innovative dishes with dedicated a Oil Free Menu, Gluten Free Menu and now a Vegan Menu.

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Tresind Summer Menu – Worth the Hype?

As my husband says, “If you don’t like the food at Tresind, you should really not be eating at all” 🙂

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