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Grilliant Burger equals Brilliant Burger

This review is going to be short! Why? Because i ave only one word for the vegetarian burger over here ~ WOW!!!

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SpiceKlub – Redefining Indian Cuisine with Molecular Gastronomy

Located in the hustling and bustling location of Mankhool, SpiceKlub is a welcoming respite from our classic Indian dishes. An all vegetarian restaurant, even a non veg lover will fall in love with the dishes here! How can i be so sure? My hard core non veg eating hubby was proof enough when i saw him gulp down the food here.

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Bhoujan – Indian cravings satisfied in Motor City

Bhoujan came as a pleasant surprise! Located in Motor City, this restaurant is definitely a blessing to those living in the area.

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Morelli’s Gelato, Mall of the Emirates

The new Morelli’s Gelato anchors the opening of arguably the world’s finest cinema at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

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Saj Bistro – Simplicity is Tasty

What do you do when you want good healthy food which tastes delicious too? You head down to Saj Bistro!

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Tribes – What can a Vegetarian feed on in a Carnivore’s Paradise?

TRIBES is the realization of one man’s passion for all things African – from the cuisine to the music, art and design.

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Rajasthan Al Malaki – A True Rajasthani Experience

Since my recent trip to Jaipur, I have been missing all the lovely thali’s i got to have over there.

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