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Marco’s – Savour the best of Italian in Dubai

Oh, how I love Italian food! The fact that this cuisine is married to Cheese and Wine makes the union even better! With so many Italian restaurants in Dubai, it gets really hard to pick one that you may REALLY like! But after dining at here, if someone will ask you which is your favourite Italian spot in town, Marco’s name will definitely be in the top 3!

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Bosporus – Your bridge to Turkey

Since my trip to Turkey back in 2008, I have been longing for a good Turkish restaurant in Dubai. Tried many but in vain and then wasn’t too keen on trying any more thinking I will never find what i experienced back in Turkey.

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Asha’s, Wafi – Asha Bhosle’s Birthday Celebrations with Kebab and Biryani Festival

Asha Bhosle an internationally acclaimed artiste of iconic status is the “Most Recorded Artiste” in music history, popular for generations, and still touring globally her ever-green appeal captivates millions. Asha’s numerous awards include the BBC Lifetime Achievement Award (presented by the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair), Asha is the current holder of the Guinness World Record ‘Most Recorded Artiste in the world’. Moreover the Dubai International Film Festival recognized Asha’s outstanding merit by awarding her in 2014 a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

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